Patio Pal Quick Brick Patio System



Install a breathtaking (and professional-looking) real brick patio or walkway—Patio Pal Quick Brick Patio System gives you the help you need! First prepare: build a simple redwood or cedar frame, fill with sand and smooth. Then place Patio Pal forms and your own bricks. Each form has built-in holes for drainage and grooves for perfect brick alignment. Add sand, sweep into spaces between bricks, and mist with water. That's it! You've got a gorgeous properly-drained patio. Each set includes 10 Pals and covers approximately 20 square feet in total. Each is 17 1/2" sq. x 1/2" h.

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Patio Pal Quick Brick Patio System #N960752 $29.99
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Patio Pal Quick Brick Patio System

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  • Date: July 08, 2014
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  • San Jacinto
  • Patio Pal

  • Getting my supplies ready for this project. Waiting till its a little cooler here to start. Sure it will come out wonderful.
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