Get Started With These Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Hospitality takes on a genuine charm when you let country farmhouse décor style take hold at your house with its white woods, distressed finishes and down home appeal. Whether you prefer the sophisticated elegance of a French country look or the appeal of Americana farm life, this design choice has some key must-haves that once you have them in place, you can easily achieve the look.

Play With Patterns

Imagine the charm of a hand-pieced quilt and let that provide inspiration for your fabric pattern selection. Mix and match florals, checks, stripes or vintage prints that all stay in the same core color palette. The more eclectic the mix, the more interesting and unique the final look. Slipcovers are a nice way to mix up patterns as well.


Creamy Cabinets

Milky white cabinets seem to be a quintessential must-have for the Farmhouse look, regardless if you opt for an all-American style or prefer to travel to the French countryside instead. Bead board accents on walls or backsplashes or in cabinets sport the right look. Accent colors err on the side of fresh red, sunny yellow and toile blue.


Contain Yourself

Countertop kitchen canisters fit right in with the farmhouse look. Fill mason jars, large glass canisters or apothecary jars with often-used items, from flour and sugar to cookies and trail mix. Use unusual everyday items in place of traditional vases, such as a milk pitcher or a galvanized steel bucket.


Take a Seat

The farmhouse kitchen is without fail, an inviting one. Add several kitchen stools with tractor seats to your bar area, or create a small breakfast nook with a round table and an eclectic mix of slipcovered dining chairs.


Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

We can’t let a discussion about country farmhouse décor go by without a nod to the ever-popular chicken. Hens and roosters alike are enjoying some time in the spotlight these days, probably due to an increased interest in chicken ownership. No matter what might fuel your love of poultry, there are many ways to show your affection, from canvas wall art to kitchen linens to countertop accent pieces.


Natural Elements

The elements you choose play a large part in rustic farmhouse décor. Whitewashed woods, distressed finishes, soapstone countertops, refurbished barn wood, galvanized metal, chicken wire accents, white stoneware and cast iron—all of these have a farmhouse appeal that is distinctive to its decorative style.


Speaking French

Extend the French farmhouse look to the bathroom with a toile shower curtain in your guest bathroom. The elegant pattern adds a sophisticated appeal and looks interesting when paired with a rustic element, such as distressed barn wood or a rustic whitewashed cabinet.


Rest Up

Bedrooms get their due with the farmhouse country look. Oversized quilts top beds with iron headboards and ball fringe bedskirts. A few vintage accent pieces, such as a glass table lamp, canvas wall art or an ornate accent mirror add the finishing touch.


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