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Get Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

Get Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

Summertime Backyard Parties

Warmer weather inspires us to take the party outside. This is the perfect time to linger on the patio or deck, enjoy the fresh air and celebrate this glorious time of year with family and friends. Go ahead and set your next invitation for the backyard!

Add a Touch of Warmth

Let your gathering go well into the evening hours. Be sure to hang lanterns, string outdoor lights and place solar lighting everywhere – on tables and railings, and even along pathways and stairs. Your guests will appreciate the added ambiance and beautiful glow that will illuminate everything.

Serve It Up Right

Skip the paper plates and plastic forks. Kick your outdoor entertaining up a notch by serving your meal on lovely serveware with colorful cloth napkins. Your gathering will instantly feel more special and sophisticated. Instead of tossing aluminum cans in a bin of ice, try setting up several pretty beverage dispensers with a selection of punch, lemonade or tea.

Make it Whimsical

Being outdoors lends itself to an element of fun and whimsy. Turn up the fun factor with your decorative accessories. Add a colorful table runner, hang a birdcage from the railing, mount planter baskets filled with colorful blooming flowers on a wall, and lay down a vibrant outdoor rug. This is where you can really add a punch of color.

Gather Around

Create seating areas with your outdoor patio furniture that make it easy for guests to dine and socialize. If you can’t sit everyone at one big table, be sure to make several areas where guests can sit their plates and drinks, and still gather together. Benches are a nice way for guests to make room for more and can be pulled apart to make bigger seating areas as the gathering grows larger.



Get Ready for the Party!

If this is your first outdoor party of the season, plan some extra prep time to get your deck or patio party-ready. Plant flowers in pots, air out cushions, scrub the deck, spray off furniture and give the grill a good cleaning. You’ll be glad you did!

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