House Haunting Halloween Decorating Ideas

Does the prospect of scaring up a frightfully good time this Halloween make you scream with delight? All you need is a little imagination to transform your home into an unforgettable and unique Halloween haunt. These ideas are sure to inspire the spookiest Halloween party this season.

Frightening Foyer

Let an eerie entryway greet your guests this All Hallows Eve with a haunted tree, pumpkin scarecrow and a skeleton to give your visitors a frightful welcome. Conjure an otherworldly glow with Halloween lanterns and a bone chilling fog.

Table Topper


A Witch Gathering

Any good witch is going to have a fog-spewing cauldron with Witch’s Brew and a monster treat table with finger foods and desserts. Place Halloween snackware, decorative pumpkins and a spooky owl on top of a spider and bat table topper and you’re sure to create just the right spooky ambiance. Hang a Halloween banner over the table to greet guests.

Halloween Lanterns


Haunt the House

With a little “witchcraft,” the rest of your home can scare up a few frightful updates as well. Adorn countertops and shelves with Halloween figurines, candles and miniature pumpkins. Add stuffed mummies, purr-fectly delightful cat ghosts, and scatter Halloween lanterns throughout your entertaining area to add the perfect touch wherever your ghouls, er … guests, may wander.

Halloween Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Welcome party guest in hair-raising style with these Spooktacular Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas.