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Let the Father’s Day Festivities Begin!

Let the Father’s Day Festivities Begin!

Head for the Great Outdoors for Father’s Day Entertaining

Go ahead and prep the grill, take out the trash and mow the lawn before he has a chance to get to it. Father’s Day is the one day each year where we get to honor Dad and all that he means to the family. So pull out all the stops, take the party outside and make this one of the best Father’s Days ever!

Keep it Simple

The key to outdoor cookouts is to keep it simple. You don’t want to work yourself into a frazzle and then be too tired to enjoy the celebration. Prepare as much as you can beforehand in the comfort of your kitchen with all your tools at hand.

Accept Help

It’s okay to ask guests to bring something, especially if they’re family members and close friends. Anything is acceptable, from a dish to pass to ice-cold sodas to paper plates and napkins. If you’re worried about expenses, ask every family to bring something to toss on the grill. Let them know if you want them to bring hamburgers or ribs or chicken—whatever is on your menu.

Have a Seat

Prep for your gathering by arranging outdoor furniture throughout your backyard space. Have places for everyone to gather on the patio or deck, but also hone in on welcoming areas under trees, beneath large umbrellas, or in a screened gazebo. You don’t have to cluster everyone all in one spot. In fact, give dad a place to grab that afternoon nap, like a hammock under a tree or a nice reclining lounge chair in the shade. Outdoor side tables add a nice touch, too.

Light for the Night

While things may get started under the sun, be sure to plan ahead for when the festivities go into the evening. From walkway lighting to light everyone’s path, to candle-filled lanterns, patio torches and strings of LED lights for ambiance, you will be glad you have planned ahead with plenty of outdoor lighting when dusk falls and the party can keep going well into the evening. Set out citronella candles and bottles of mosquito repellent. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Have a Little Fun and Games

While dad is relaxing in the shade, set up some backyard entertainment for the kids. Bounce houses, splash pads and pop-up tents will keep everyone busy so that dad can enjoy his downtime. Fire up a game of bocce ball or croquet to get everyone involved and work up an appetite for dinner.

Have a Backup Plan

If the weather turns against you, be prepared to move the party under a gazebo or into the garage (but leave the grill outdoors!). A large umbrella will keep it and the chef dry.

Backyard Cookout 

Let dad decide what he wants to grill, then pick and choose the best sides to complement your main dish. Also, don’t forget dessert!

Need Some Father’s Day Gift Ideas?

There are only so many times you can give the man a tie. Look here for inspiration on that perfect gift for Dad.

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