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Outdoor Movies

Outdoor Movies

Make It a Backyard Movie Night

Drive-in movies may be rare to find these days, but you can still enjoy a movie under the stars in your very own backyard when you host an outdoor movie night for friends and family. Here are a few pointers to turn your summer night gatherings into big blockbusters!

Set Up for Showtime

Start with a movie screen, which can be as easy as a big white sheet or drop cloth. String it between trees or hang from the side of a garage. Inflatable options are also available for rental in some areas. Mount a projector or place it on a tall table. Choose several family-friendly titles, then wait for dusk and get ready for show time!

Sling Chair

VIP Seating

Arrange plenty of seating options for your guest. Some will appreciate comfy sling chairs, while others will like spreading out on outdoor blankets and making use of a pile of pillows or garden pouf chairs. The more eclectic the options, the better.

LED Lantern

Light the Night

Even though a dark evening is imperative to a successful movie night, it’s important to provide lighting for your guests. Add solar lighting along pathways and hang LED lanterns near the refreshments. Have a few lanterns and flashlights on hand for guests to use as they negotiate the viewing area.

Homemade Ice Cream Maker

Serve Up Concessions

A movie experience would not be the same without a concessions area. Set up a popcorn popper so you can make freshly popped popcorn during the show. Your guests will love the buttery aroma. Set up boxes of concession candy and use a homemade ice cream maker so you can dish up homemade sundaes during the show.

Make It Dinner and a Movie

Kick your movie night up a notch by adding dinner to the mix. Make your favorite comfort food and enjoy the night!

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