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Plan a Camping Trip

Plan a Camping Trip

7 Easy Steps to Get Ready to Go Camping

Planning a family camping trip can be a lot of work. In addition to packing enough clothes, first aid products and bedding the whole family, you have to worry about packing up enough kitchen gear to help you meet whatever culinary challenges you face during the week. Maybe these ideas can help you sail through the process:

Make A List

While it’s true you don’t want to forget anything, you have to limit your list to what is absolutely essential. In other words, forget the espresso machine but bring the vegetable peeler.

Pack Like Things Together

Use plastic bins with lids for foods; a cooler with ice for dairy products; another plastic bin or two for tableware, cookware and utensils; and yet another plastic bin for dish soap, towels, etc. (Bins with lids help keep out bugs, animals, dirt and moisture.)

Forget Dishes

Use cast iron cookware, melamine dinnerware and metal flatware that you wash between meals. While convenient, paper and plastic goods are expensive and aren’t good for our landfills.

Remember The Water Jug

You might even want two. One jug can be for cooking and drinking, the other can be for washing up.

Plan a menu for the week—You’ll be less likely to pack too much food. You might even consider preparing some of your meals in advance, which will free you up for more enjoyable family time in the woods. Many of your favorite recipes can be made ahead of time and frozen for a yummy home-cooked meal.

Bring a Mess Tent

A screened tent is ideal for keeping rain, leaves and bugs from interfering as you cook.

Check Your Cook Stove

You want to be sure it’s in good working condition and clean, and that you have an adequate amount of fuel for it.

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