Christmas Cookie Exchange Party Ideas

Hosting a Christmas cookie swap is a delicious way to meet up with friends and give everyone’s holiday cookie supply a boost. Every guest brings one type of cookie and leaves with several varieties, which means that holiday baking lists are greatly reduced! Besides that, you spend time with friends, exchange favorite Christmas cookie recipes, and sample cookies that you otherwise might have never tried.

Extend the Invitation

Send invitations several weeks before the swap. Holiday calendars tend to be packed full for many people, so be sure to ask your guests to save the date several weeks ahead of time. Make sure everyone knows that they need to RSVP, and ask each person what type of cookies they want to make. This way, you’ll be able to avoid having multiple people all bring the same kind of cookie. Once you have a finalized guest list, instruct each guest to bring a dozen cookies, plus another dozen or so for sampling. This will ensure that everyone goes home with an ample supply of delicious cookies.

Put Your Best Cookie Forward

Sturdy cookies work best for cookie swaps, since they package well and won’t fall apart while traveling. Cookies that are fragile, messy, or need to be chilled aren’t recommended. From classic drop cookies to Christmas spiced cookies, these Christmas cookies will make you the star of your cookie swap.

Set the Mood

Festive and fabulous — that’s how you want your holiday home to feel. Wreaths, garlands, and other Christmas décor will create a warm welcome for your guests. Wrap holiday tea towels around home-bound cookie plates as a party favor for guests.

Display the Cookies

While everyday plates and platters work fine for displaying cookies, if you have them available, you’ll likely find that using paper plates is easier. To make them look pretty, add a paper doily or a square of tissue paper before loading the plate with cookies. Place a display card near each platter to let people know what kind of cookie it is, who baked it, and whether or not there are nuts or other allergens in the cookies. If you’d like, place copies of each recipe nearby as well.

Supplement With Drinks & Snacks

Since most of your nibbling will involve sweet cookies, it’s wise to serve additional snacks that are savory. Veggies and dip, chips, or cheese and crackers are all possibilities. Don’t forget to serve drinks, too! Coffee and tea are easy and popular; hot chocolate or apple cider make great seasonal offerings too.

Send the Cookies Home

Once you’ve finished visiting and sampling, it’s time to send each guest home with a variety of cookies to enjoy. Gift boxes and wrapping paper make it easy and fun to bring cookies home or to re-gift them to others.