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Unique Gifts With Nostalgic Appeal

Unique Gifts With Nostalgic Appeal

Nostalgic Gifts for the Kids

You don’t have to rely on the latest in technology toys to bring delight to the kids this Christmas. Instead, look to the tried-and-true from yesteryear to satisfy their playtime. Try wrapping up these unique gifts for kids this December!

Pull Up a Seat

Make the kiddos feel special with their very own kids furniture, like a rocking chair or lounge chair that is just their size. For an added touch, personalize it with their name.


Put Out the Fire

Let them speed to the scene in style with a fire truck inspired pedal car that sports their own name. They can try their hand at being the hero and even save kittens from backyard trees.

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Dolls

Bond With These BFFs

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy cloth dolls have endured for good reason. They instantly become beloved companions for boys or girls.

Kids Kitchen

Get Cookin’

Inspire the little chef in your household with a fire-engine red kitchen that has all the essentials to let their imaginations cook up a feast at every play date.

Bozo Bop Bag

Knock It Around

The Bozo Bop Bag has been knocked around for many a decade or two and always bounces right back with a good-natured smile. This one is a playroom essential!

Crochet Pillow Kit

A Good Yarn

Keep the kids busy after Santa’s visit with a crochet pillow kit. They will love the chance at crocheting their very own creation that will earn an honored place on their bed.

Rocking Horse

Rock It Out

There is nothing like a good old-fashioned rocking horse to make any Christmas scene complete. An ideal gift for kids who have a love for horses!

Electric Train Set

Hop a Train

There was once a time when many a Christmas tree featured an electric train circling the foot of the tree. Bring back this beloved tradition with your very own Golden Thunder electric train set.

Don’t Forget Cookies for Santa!

Bake up a batch or two of homemade Christmas cookies for everyone in the family, and a few for Santa too!

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