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Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple

Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple

Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas

Ah, love! Celebrating as two wonderful people tie the knot is a special time for everyone. Picking the perfect wedding gift doesn’t have to be a chore, and while cash or gift cards are perfectly acceptable ideas, a wrapped present offers the couple something personally selected by you. Every couple has their own style, so think about their personalities and lifestyle when gift shopping. Here, we offer up wedding gift ideas that will have everyone proclaiming “I do!”

Be Practical

While an expensive crystal vase may be impressive, it will likely not see as much everyday use as a flatware set or a set of luxurious towels. Newlyweds often are starting out with not much of their own, so those everyday essentials can be very meaningful and appreciated.

Think Like a Couple

Even if you are only close to one of the duo, try to pick a gift that they will both enjoy. It can be easy to fall back on how you know a lot about just one of them. A gift that you can imagine them both enjoying will go far, like barware, electronics, an outdoor picnic blanket or even a blender.

Check the Registry

Wedding registries can be super convenient for everyone involved, but can sometimes take the personalized element away from the gift giver. Consult their registry to take some of the guesswork out of the process, and then choose something more personalized, but in the same ballpark. For instance if they registered for bed coverings, choose a quilt in the same color palette.

Get Cookin’

Stocking their kitchen with all the right tools is a great idea. Small appliances have long been traditional wedding gifts for good reason – they are always well received. From blenders to toasters to mixers, you can’t go wrong in this department. Think about the small appliance you can’t live without, then wrap it up! Add a cookbook to give them added inspiration.

Start a Tradition

How many times have we set the table for a special occasion and knew it wouldn’t be right unless you brought out that decorative vase, or that unique set of champagne flutes. These kind of treasured gifts let you help the couple make every occasion going forward a memorable one.

Get Personal

Personalized wedding gifts are a great way to reinforce their new couple-ness. Monogram towels, vases, glassware, serving platters, sheets or throw. They will appreciate the thoughtful touch and bask in the glow of their togetherness.

Need More Wedding Gift Inspiration?

We have plenty of gift ideas for all the happy couples on your list this wedding season.

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