A Front Door Makeover

for Less Than $50?

Yes, It's Possible!

Who says front door decorating has to be expensive? You’ll be surprised what $50 can do! Just use a few cardboard boxes, inexpensive materials & creativity.

Recycled Gift Box
Snowman Door Hanger

Shirt boxes left from Christmas? Let’s make a snowman door hanger! You’ll need white and black plastic table covering and some buttons.

  1. Wrap small, medium and large boxes in white plastic.

  2. Wrap a small box in black plastic.

  3. Wrap a strip of cardboard slightly longer than the small box in black plastic for hat brim.

  4. Glue boxes together as shown.

  5. Use white duck tape in back for reinforcement.

  6. Glue buttons for face and ribbon for scarf.

Packing Boxes Snowman Décor

Did Amazon play Santa over the holidays? Recycle some boxes and make a big snowman for your porch! You will need 3 different size boxes, white plastic tablecloths, a hat (your choice), buttons, carrot (faux or real) and scarf.

  1. Wrap 3 boxes each in a white plastic table covering.

  2. Stack and glue together. Be sure to use a strong, weather-resistant glue like Gorilla brand or something comparable.

  3. Glue hat to the top box.

  4. Create facial features using buttons.

  5. Cut a small hole to add a carrot for the nose.

  6. Finish with a scarf.

Tree Branch and Birch Log Arrangement

Create an interesting arrangement using what you can gather from your own backyard. Use a bucket or crate for the container. You could even upcycle an old trash can! You may want to spray paint and stencil it to match your theme and DIY door mat (see below). Add sand and gravel. Collect tree branches and twigs. Want something a little more festive? Paint the branches white and add glitter while the paint is still wet.

Easy Stenciled Door Mat

It’s fun to personalize an inexpensive store-bought mat. Just use a stencil and paint. Create your own customized stencil using discarded cardboard. Have fun. Be creative. Think outside the box!

Tape stencil to mat. Paint your design. Repeat the pattern if there is room.

Cut a stencil out of cardboard or use a store-bought stencil.

Believe it or not, we spent less than $50 on this door! It's possible to decorate for just a few dollars. All it takes is creativity and a little elbow grease.
Do you have tricks for decorating on a dime?
Tell us in the comments below!