A Very Special House

Gets A Holiday Makeover!

We're Paying it Forward with Front Door Decorating

Christmas. It’s more than decorations, carols or even gifts. Christmas brings us together and makes the world a better, more generous place. It’s a season for love. Today, we’re decorating for a cause! Join us as we spread some holiday cheer to our local hospice home. Maybe we’ll inspire you to spread some holiday cheer to people and places that matter in your community.

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”   – Mother Teresa


“Life is sacred through all of its stages, and its end is just as meaningful as its beginning. Hospice care is focused on helping the terminally ill patient find dignity and comfort while supporting the family during the grieving process.”

-The Monroe Clinic Hospice

We at Front Door Friday were honored to decorate The Monroe Clinic Hospice House for the holidays. Nestled in the woods just outside our town, this beautiful building is a tranquil and peaceful home for people living out their final days.

The 8-suite Hospice Residential Home opened June 2017. As of August 2018 it’s served more than 60 patients from 4 different counties. A staff of 19 and 10 volunteers provide  24-hour care, bereavement counseling and emotional support.


Thinking of all hospice does, decorating hardly seems important. But we give with what we have. And these small things like twinkling lights, garland, wreaths and tinsel may bring a smile and spark joy.

Think of the joy decorating brings to you and the people who walk through your door. Sometimes it takes nothing more than a funny sign or a beautiful plant.

Decorating can and does make a difference. It is a powerful tool waiting to be used for good.


  1. Decorating a door is a random act of kindness you can practice all year round. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Pick up a wreath or flowers on sale and leave them with a note.

  2. Keep a list of people or organizations you’d like to treat. Think about local groups or organizations that do a lot for your community. Or what about a person that makes a difference in your life, or the elderly neighbor who has a hard time putting up decorations?

  3. Put together a small box of cards, ribbon, scissors and tape to keep in your car. When you’re out running errands and have a few minutes, write a card and attach it to a wreath, flowers or basket with ribbon. Keeping supplies on hand makes it quick and easy to give back.

  4. Get a group of friends together and do several front doors. Maybe you host a crafting night to make wreaths and deliver them together. This is also a great youth activity for church groups, scouts or sports teams. Are you part of a community organization that looks for ways to give back? This could be it! Find a group and make it a yearly tradition.

  5. It does not have to be expensive. Live in the country? Cut some evergreen boughs and make arrangements. Why not leave a box of cookies with a letter from Santa? Use what you have. It’s the thought that counts.


Are you ready to start decorating for a cause? Show us your front door makeovers! Inspire others to do the same. Go ahead and decorate-it-forward!

Share your pictures and ideas on Front Door Friday’s Facebook and Instagram pages: #frontdoorfridaygivesback.

Merry Christmas from your

Front Door Friday team!