Try These Traditional Christmas

Front Door Decorating Ideas

Christmas time is here. The wonderful thing about Christmas, and any holiday, is that you can interpret it using your own style.

But today we’re keeping it traditional using classic reds and patterns.

It’s a timeless look you can bring back year after year.

Decorating Tips


Front door presents–the gifts that keep on giving! Save boxes (different sizes, the bigger the better), for wrapping. Put a brick, kitty litter or something with weight inside for stability.

It’s ok to use regular wrapping paper if you have a covered, protected porch. Otherwise plastic table coverings are better to withstand rain and stormy weather.

ROBIN’S TIP: Burlap is an inexpensive fabric that is safe for outdoor use. It also comes in many shades and patterns. Try it as a wrapping paper alternative. You’ll be able to reuse it multiple times.

Brown burlap is also organic and completely biodegradable. It can be used to mulch around plants for weed prevention and will decompose naturally into the soil.


Spend some time fluffing wreaths and garland. It’s an extra step that makes a big difference. Wreaths and garland will get smashed during storage. Even new, store-bought wreaths need freshening. Pull out each branch and arrange how you like it.

ROBIN’S TIP: When storing, push branches down in the same direction to prevent tangling and make it easier to pull out the next year.


You can make store-bought items your own by adding just a few elements. This also helps tie together pieces that may not be a set.

Buy basic garland, wreaths and topiaries you can personalize with ornaments, ribbon and other elements. These pieces can evolve as your style changes so you get more bang for your buck.

ROBIN’S TIP: Make sure any ornaments used outside are shatterproof, preferably plastic.


Decorating is about creativity and using things in unexpected ways. A wreath is perfect for “framing” a hanging light fixture. Floral wire will hold it in place. Be sure to hang the wreath on a fixture where it does not touch or get close to lightbulbs.

ROBIN’S TIP: Stack 3 different size wreaths in a flower pot for a “tree” shape. Use 2 of each size. Top with an ornament or star.

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