Before and After – A red geranium wreath on a yellow front door, topiary wall art, and a tall planter with red geraniums.

Front Porch Decor

Front Porch Decorating Ideas You know what they say about first impressions! Your front porch serves as your first greeting and welcome to guests, so be sure to add a few touches to your door, arch, steps or walkway that sets the tone you want. Every season poses new opportunities to change things up in […]

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white bench with green and orange cushions next to orange metal chair on porch with orange and yellow potted flowers

Make Your Front Porch an Open Invitation to Guests

Immerse Yourself In Summer Style Think of your porch as an extension of your personality: fun and quirky, formal and serene, welcoming and warm. And it’s far more than just a quick stop on the way inside. It can be whimsical, cozy or a natural retreat. It can be a neighborhood-gathering place or your escape […]

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