Take A Holistic Approach To Your Home’s Interior Color Scheme

Wait a minute. It’s hard enough to pick a color palette for one room. How are you supposed to do it for your entire house? Fear not. Taking a big overarching view to your home’s color scheme can be easier than you think, and will provide refreshing flow and visual continuity that can be felt throughout the whole house. All while freeing you up to focus on the other accent elements within each individual space.

Start Big

Begin with the largest room in the house. Often that will be a great room, living room or kitchen. Choose a soft neutral color for your walls that will serve as the foundation to all your other colors choices from here. Now walk through your house and take note of which rooms and hallways are in your line of sight as you move from one room to another. Understanding how rooms visually flow into each other will prove to be a distinct element as you choose your entire color palette.

Build Natural Extensions

Now that you have your main room’s color chosen, it’s time to extend your color palette to the other areas of the house. Try the simple approach of looking at colors that sit on that same paint chip. Try a shade darker or one that is lighter. Then take a look at where these complementary shades can be incorporated within hallways and rooms. Be careful to note when rooms connect thanks to archways and vaulted ceilings. You don’t want to realize mid-painting that there is no natural way to transition to a new shade.

Test It Out

Once you have your ideas on the whole color palette, try it out on walls. Make your own swatches and take them into each room at various times of the day, to see how both natural and ambient lighting affects how the color looks.

How to Make Rooms Look Bigger

No matter what shade you choose, you can help make any room appear larger by painting ceilings white. Also try painting trim and walls all the same color. This keeps the eye moving instead of having to stop when there is a visual break. It will actually promote the illusion of a more spacious room and will continue the flow of your space.

Land the Complement

Once you have your color palette, find ways to connect to it within each room. Choose a quilt set that has elements of your wall color in its pattern. In the living room, hang a large canvas wall art above the sofa that channels some of the same hues in your walls or trim. Use a large area rug to bring your total room together by completing the look on the floor.

Add a Few Bold Accents

Every room should have a few distinctive accent pieces that fall within the outer rim of your color scheme. If your home channels soft subtle blues and cool grays, then let a bold, blue mason-jar inspired vase with a bouquet of iris add a little pop to the room. Or throw a set of vibrant throw pillows on your bed to add an element of whimsy. Discover how to customize your home with our interior design ideas that will help you marry color with your personality.