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Creating an Entryway Where One Doesn’t Exist

Creating an Entryway Where One Doesn’t Exist

Make the Right First Impression With a New Take on Entryway Decor

If your home could benefit from the addition of a formal entryway, but there is no space dedicated to a true foyer, don’t despair! Rethink the space you have with a few clever tricks and decorating ideas that will soon do a stylish job of welcoming everyone who enters!

Transform the Hallway

If you have little more than a bit of hallway to work with, then the addition of a striking entryway bench becomes a nice extension into your main living area. Plus, it provides a place for guests to toss their coat and purse. Choose one that has storage options to make even more use of your limited space.


Get the Hang of It

When there is simply not an inch of space in your entryway’s footprint, then look to the walls for your answer. Hang a distinctive shelf that features hooks for hanging coats, umbrellas and purses. And that shelf will do a nice job of catching keys. Choose one with a mirror and you also have a place to do one last lipstick check before rushing out for your day.

Hall Tree

Branch Out

Even the addition of one item can visually define your entry area. A tall potted plant or a hall tree both serve the purpose well. When space is at a minimum, try a wall-mount coat rack instead of a free-standing one. You’ll get all the practicality without having to take up any of your area’s footprint. A nice throw rug finishes the look and gives shoes a place to land.

Corner Desk

Smart Moves

Take a non-traditional approach to entryway decor by tucking a small desk into the corner of your entry space. The look is charming and now you have a place to stash mail and keys as you walk in the door.

Entryway Table

Think Skinny

What works best in a tight little hallway is an equally skinny little entryway table, but oh! How it does wonders to define your entryway. Plus, you’ll find so many decorative options to consider, from quaint little scalloped tables to modern contemporary ones to shabby chic charmers. Top it off with a lovely piece of art and you have created a perfect little entryway out of thin air!

Think Outside the Door

Welcome guests before they ever even cross the threshold by letting your front porch do the work. Add a welcome mat, a seasonal wreath and a little table right next to a welcome sign and the doorbell. It’s also the right place to create a landing zone for wet shoes and umbrellas.

Add a Coat or Two

And we’re not just talking about a raincoat here. More like a distinctive coat of paint or pattern on the floor or wall to help distinguish the entryway space from the rest of your home. This approach works particularly well when paired with some of the other ideas we mentioned above.

Ready to Decorate Another Room?

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