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Curtains and Window Treatments Transform Your Rooms

Using Curtains and Window Treatments to Transform Your Room

Add Something New to Your Room with Curtains, Drapes or Window Treatments

For many of us, window treatments have always been a practicality – you just need something to give privacy and manage the incoming light. If that’s the case, it’s time to shift your thinking, because window treatments can become one of the key places to add style and color to your room’s look. From drapes and curtains to panels and valances, giving your windows a little TLC has never been easier.

Show Your Colors

When your room has an abundance of neutral tones, your windows can be the perfect place to add color beautifully. Think about long panel curtains in a deep rich shade to add warmth and depth, or a bright hue to bring an energetic vibrancy to the space. Adding color to your windows draws your eye to the outer edges of the room and enhances the room’s size.

Long Panel Curtains

Go Long

Short curtains do a great job of framing a window and making it almost feel like a piece of artwork on the wall. Long curtains, on the other hand, extend the eye and bring greater awareness to the height of the room. Want to make your room feel even bigger? Hang your curtains far above the actual window. The added height draws the eye upward. Let curtains fall perfectly at the floor for a formal, traditional look or let them pool on the floor a few inches to feel more casual and relaxed.

Patterned Window CoveringsPattern Play

It’s a general rule to choose a pattern or print for your window treatments when you have solid color furniture or bedding. It’s just enough real estate of the room where a pattern can provide the right accent without overpowering. Current trends in window coverings offer an extensive selection of patterns, from florals and paisleys to fresh stripes and exotic medallions. The smaller the pattern, the more it will feel like texture from across the room. Want a more dramatic effect? Go for a bold, graphic print that adds punctuation to your room’s look.

 Grommet-Top Panels

The Right Touch

Texture and fabric choice is key when selecting curtains and panels. A rich color in heavy velvet will set a very different mood to your room, compared to a lightweight linen panel in a lively color. Take time to go beyond general color and length and let texture and sheen be part of your decision.

Window Sheers

Invite the Sunshine

Let the light in while still enjoying the decorative element that window treatments add, when you choose a set of window sheers. Layer them with a darker panel so that you can let in the right amount of light while still adding the color of a panel. Or allow a window sheer go solo to add a light and airy feel to the room.

Wide Window Curtains

Wide Receiver

How wide should you hang your curtain brackets? The most traditional option is just above and outside your window’s molding. However, if you have a pretty detailed window frame that you want to show off, then consider an inside mount. When you want your window to feel big and grand, hang curtain rods well beyond the window frame. It will make the window feel bigger and lets in the most light, since the curtain hangs against the wall rather than over the glass.

blackout curtains

Black Out

Where window sheers let light in, blackout curtains allow you to block the light coming in to your room. These are perfect for media rooms and rooms where outside light takes away from the room’s function. In addition, for night owls who need to catch their zzz’s during the daytime hours, blackout curtains can turn day into night with the pull of a curtain.

Thermal Curtains

Energy Conscious

If you find yourself trying to manage the summer’s heat and the winter’s cold, then let your window coverings do the work. Thermal curtains can make a big difference in helping you maintain a comfortable living room. An added bonus, they can also provide room darkening and act as a sound barrier for unwanted outside noises.

What’s Next?

A new area rug? That perfect side table? How about an update to your entryway? Check out our Decorating Ideas for tips, photos and plenty of ideas to get you started.

13 thoughts on “Curtains and Window Treatments Transform Your Rooms

  1. I love your drapes. they are all so beautiful

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sandi! We’re glad you like them 🙂
      -The Country Door Team

  2. I have blackout curtains in my room and they work wonders for when it gets too hot in my bedroom! The look of long drapes is really appealing, whether you have big or small windows, it adds length to the window and the wall itself. Having the right brackets to match your curtains will really tie it all together. Thanks for the post!

  3. Nice ideas! I loved all of them. The Wide Receiver is my favorite among them. I am planning to put some curtains on my energy saving windows. I am having a bad time with my window shades. My dog keeps messing up with them. He chews off the shades!! I don’t understand why. I have tried everything. I asked one of the guys from Heritage Home Design about what I can do with the shades. He told me that he has seen such cases many a times and the only option is to get the dog trained. That guy is gonna come again next week to install a patio door. I’ll ask him if curtains will make a difference. There is no way my dog is gonna listen.

    1. Hi Tammie,
      Thanks for commenting! That’s too bad your dog keeps messing up your shades…Hopefully he learns not to and that you’re able to come up with a solution.
      -The Country Door Team

  4. What beautiful curtains! I especially love the last picture. The white paint and the light background is framed well by the pattern and color choice of those curtains. My wife is looking to invest in some home decor. I’ll have to see what she thinks about these pictures. I’m sure she’ll like them a lot. Thanks!

  5. I love everything that they have i got there metal birds cage s love them

    1. So glad to have you as a customer, Sylvia!

  6. Your web site is awesome…from a happy shopper!

    1. So happy to hear you enjoy it, Margaret! We’re happy to have you as a customer 🙂

  7. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to hang long curtains to make a room feel bigger. I want to redecorate my living room, and it’s kind of a smaller space, so making it feel bigger would be great. I’ll definitely try to hang curtains longer than I normally would to give the illusion of extra height. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  8. I never realized that different window treatments could change the look of a room so dramatically. I love the idea of hanging the drapes outside of the window frame to make the window appear bigger and let in the most light. I think I’ll try that the next time I change out my drapes.

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