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Home Office Decorating Ideas

home office

Smart Decorating Ideas for Your Home Office

We all love it when our commute only takes a few steps and we can enjoy the benefits of working from home. But sometimes making our home office space more livable proves to be a challenge. Whether your office is space-challenged or organizationally challenged, there are a few key home office decorating ideas that will put you on the road to productivity whether you’re organizing the family or prepping for the boardroom.

Keep It Simple

If your home office is short on space, try to keep furniture selections simple, yet stylish. Opt for a small, modest desk with rustic charm. A few drawers keep small stuff wrangled and a bench seat slides out of sight.

Wall Shelf

Walls Can Speak

When floor space is at a minimum, be sure to maximize wall space with a set of decorative wall shelves that keep everything organized. Cubbies or slots hold papers, while a chalkboard or bulletin board keeps communications flowing.


Basket Smarts

You have to love the universally loved basket. When it comes to office storage, it’s pure genius. The basket looks like purely decorative, but inside it holds all that stuff that you don’t know where else to put. Use this to your advantage.

Wall Plaque

Wit & Wisdom

Remind yourself to keep all that home office work in check with a wall plaque that features a few well-chosen words of wisdom. After all, how many times do you find yourself staring at the walls looking for the answer?

Table Lamp

Stay on Task

So many people forget about lighting once they enter their home office, but it couldn’t be more important. Choose a decorative table lamp that sheds light on all your papers and makes it easier to work.

Decorative Vase

Show Your Style

Of course you want to stick to business in the office, but be sure to add your own unique style with an accent piece too. A decorative vase offers a nice way to recharge with fresh flowers or a lovely picture frame keeps a friendly face nearby.

Done With Your Home Office and Now on to…

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