Ready? Set. Decorate for Christmas with New Possibilities

As you’re thinking about decorating for Christmas, are you inspired to find some new fresh ideas to mix things up a bit this year?  You still love the traditions and memories involved with your holiday decor, but you would like to come up with something a little more unique. Maybe do something a bit unexpected.

Three Ways to Mix Things up this Christmas

First think about what you like most about Christmas and pick your home decorating style around that one item. It may be a childhood memory of gingerbread men, cartoon characters, angles, snowmen, or Santa. Pick a theme that speaks to your heart.

Christmas décor ideas

To give your holiday decorations a professionally decorated look, stick to just two or three colors. Buy various accents such as ribbons, flowers, ornaments and other items that match the color and theme. Plaid is a versatile holiday pattern that can be used as an accent in gift wrap, table linens, throws, decorative pillows, ribbons, baskets, and more.

holiday decorations

Why not try putting your holiday decor or tree in a new room. In the past years, as a decorative item came out of the box you knew exactly in which room it belonged. Not so this year. Showcase them in different locations and combinations this year. You can make everything look new by creating fresh combinations and using things differently.

Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas

We’d love to hear your decorating ideas and how you’ve brought cheer to your home this holiday season. Comment below with your decorating ideas for Christmas.