When you are craving a new look for your living room, but are short on time and money, don’t worry. You don’t have to start from scratch, instead add a few key pieces and a dash of color to your old space and you’ll find that it can transform into a beautiful contemporary living room. And you won’t have to break the bank to make it a reality!

Brighten Up Your Living Room

Table Lamp

Illuminate the Room

Start with adding the one element of the room that can shed light on everything else there – a table lamp. Often our rooms simply don’t have the right lighting, whether it’s the necessary task lighting, or the right kind of ambient lighting that does all the hard work of setting the mood. A pair of table lamps can flank a couch or seating area and shed light across a wider area, making your room feel inviting.

Throw Pillow

Pillows Add Punch

Throw pillows for the couch are a decorator’s secret weapon. They are an affordable way to add a punch of color and texture to any room without having to recover sofas or buy new furniture. Choose a bold new texture (chevron is a favorite right now!)  and the season’s vivid new color palette. And maybe the best part of those wonderful toss pillows, is that when your mood changes, a new pillow cover makes it easy to switch.

Wall Art

If Walls Could Speak

Let them say something different! Wall art is affordable and an easy way to shift the mood of a room. Choose an oversized, colorful piece that makes a statement and anchors the space. Or turn that boring wall into a gallery that features a bevy of smaller pieces that tells a story or shows off your own interpretation. Think spring flowers, gorgeous landscapes, or a flock of birds.


The Little Things

The bones or structure of your room are already there, now you have the opportunity to dress it up with decorative accessories that show off your personality and help bring the room to life. A set of collectibles, a stack of books, a table clock, figurines, an interesting vase, a lovely set of candleholders, the possibilities are endless and something that you can change out whenever you need to inject a little something new.

Magazine Rack for Storage

Put It Away

You might not think that how you store things can be a decorating opportunity, but it is! Bench seats or coffee tables can feature built-in storage to hold magazines, pillows and blankets. Magazine holders can add a touch of style while keeping things tidy, a shabby chic cupboard can hold plenty while still serving up a significant amount of style.

Ready to take a 30-minute makeover challenge?

Put your ideas into action and see how you can turn your living room into an entirely new space in just a few minutes. Look here for inspiring decorating ideas for the Living Room.