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Meet Your New Breakfast Nook!

Meet Your New Breakfast Nook!

The Kitchen Nook: Two Great Ways

Small kitchen areas can be spatially challenging, especially when you are looking to add an extra dining area. Good news – the breakfast nook is a perfect way to create a space where you can enjoy your morning coffee even when you don’t have a lot of space to work with! Just look at these great ways to create your very own breakfast nook.

Small and Tall

  • Take advantage of the kitchen countertop and belly up to the breakfast bar! Create an eating place where there wasn’t one before with the addition of a couple of swivel bar chairs. From contemporary to vintage, there are lots of styles. Choose one without a back that can tuck under the counter easily if that helps you master the space best.
  • Set placemats at each bar chair to help define the space as an eating area.
  • Hang a wall organizer nearby to make the space feel bigger and create a morning-central kind of focus.



Cozy and Quaint

You don’t need a full-size table to create a kitchen nook. In fact, this is where small can feel cozy and inviting!

  • Choose a small round pedestal table where at least two people can sit.
  • Add a pop of color with dining chair slipcovers on your chairs. This shows off the space and helps set it apart in its own unique way.
  • A small footprint calls for creative storage. Let storage cubbies keep everything you need, from kitchen linens to serving ware, close at hand.

How will you bring your kitchen nook to life?

Look to our site for even more ideas and inspiration as you create your own special kitchen nook.

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