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Organize Your Home for Fall

Organize Your Home for Fall

8 Organizing Tips to Get Ready for the Season Ahead

Spring doesn’t have the market cornered when it comes to getting organized and taking a deep dive on the cleaning front. In fact, with the holidays just on the horizon, this is one of the best times to take stock, clear the clutter and get ready for guests. Here we offer some inspiration to make the most of your fall organizing efforts.

Double Up

Any time you have furniture that serves double duty, then you earn bonus points for organizing. Look for living room tables that have built-in storage. Here is where you can wrangle all those extras that are handy to have close by, but pile up and make your room look cluttered when they have no official home. Stash extra blankets, out-of-season pillows, remote controls, electronics user manuals, and even game equipment when it is not in use.


Enter Here

Be sure to stock your entryway with something that can take on all those boots, coats and gloves that immediately get discarded upon entering the front door. An entryway bench can be the perfect place to invite everyone to sit down and take off those boots. Then cubbies store everything out of sight and keep things tidy. Use a freestanding coat hanger or a coat rack to help keep outerwear in its place.


Show Off

It’s easy to think of storage as a way to hide things, but a lighted kitchen hutch in your dining area is a beautiful way to show off pretty dinnerware, gorgeous vases and your favorite serving pieces. Everything gets organized, even in plain sight!


Go Vertical

Small bathroom spaces are often the most challenging when it comes to finding storage space. A bathroom space saver strategically located on the wall behind your toilet is ingenious in its design, utilizing an often unused vertical space with shelves and cabinets to provide a place to capture bathroom essentials.

Kitchen-Storage Furniture

Call in the Cubbies

Today’s farmhouse chic trend provides many choices in kitchen storage furniture. From wire wall units with multiple cubbies, to rustic shelving, they offer a great way to turn empty wall space into cool storage space. Fill cubbies with mugs, canisters, folded linens or bowls with fresh fruit. They can provide a unique place to change your everyday kitchen landscape.


Shelve It

Family rooms often have a lot going on. What better way to capture all those miscellaneous items, like game discs, books, remote controls, CDs and DVDs, then in an attractive media cabinet. Choose one with glass doors to keep an open look and provide an easy way to scan the inventory inside.


Store Your Treasures

Just like a coffee table that has built-in storage, you can look to storage trunks to add an element of style to any room that also offers a place to store any extras. These work out particularly well when your room has a sleeper sofa and you want a place to store its bed linens and extra pillows for when guests are staying over.


Get Outside

Don’t forget to tidy up your outside living quarters too. A small garden shed makes an easy addition to your backyard and can hold all your garden essentials until next spring.

Next Step…Fall Decorating!

After you’ve organized and de-cluttered your home, it’s time to decorate with some seasonal décor, and we have the inspiration to get you started!


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  1. I like that media cabinet. Where can I find it?

    1. Hi Julie,
      You can view full product details of our Two-Tone 3-Door Cabinet here. Let us know if that’s not the cabinet you were referring to!

  2. I wish country door had some clothing like 7th Ave does

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Frances – We’ll pass that along to our merchandise team.

  3. please someone tell me how do you turn a living room that have has all kinds of dead things everywhere hanging on the walls setting on the furniture depressing. my husband is a hunter. it is so depressing to me the brightess color in the room is my carpet its a wine color . the walls are painted off white. my furniture is cherry. does anyone have helpful advice for my depressing room ?

  4. Bathroom space savers it’s on your website
    Goes in back of a toilet
    The color has a black finish
    I would love to order it…..please connect me.

    1. Hi Debra,
      I think you might be referring to our Covington Space Saver – If you’d like to call 800-240-6878, someone on our Customer Service team would be happy to help you get it ordered. Thanks for reaching out!

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