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Pair Vintage Home Décor with Industrial Inspiration

Vintage Meet Industrial Decorating Ideas and Makes a Perfect Match

What do you get when you take romantic vintage charm and mix it with the hard edges, rough woods and brushed metal that are distinctive to an industrial style? You get a fresh take with a retro edge that feels modern and soft all at the same time. This is the perfect look to try when you have a few sentimental vintage favorites, but don’t want your space to feel old fashioned.

Illuminate Your Space

Industrial lighting that features wire cages, retro light bulbs and metal mesh contrasts beautifully with a vintage or shabby chic look. Hang a swag light to add both style and light to a bedroom corner, or add a pair to replace your bedside’s table lamps and frame your bed with a uniquely stylish lighting approach.

Wall Decor

Turn on the Old World Charm

When a traditional headboard just doesn’t have quite enough personality, consider hanging a pair of eye-catching gates as wall décor over your bed. It will instantly add interest and bring a focal point to the room. There are many varieties of gates to choose, from garden charm to Spanish flair to rustic elegance. Let your sensibilities guide your choice.

Decorative Wall Clock

Clock In

Near the door is an ideal place to solve the dilemma of where to hang that sweater or keep your keys so you don’t forget them on your way out next time. Better yet, go old school and keep track of the time when you opt for a decorative wall clock (analog-style!) displayed in a rustic wooden frame, complete with a handful of hooks to keep all those must-haves at the ready.


Tidy Up

A perfect way to add an industrial edge to any room is to add X-Back bookshelves with their distinctive metal and wood pairing. The simple design pairs nicely with many décor styles and brings a fresh appeal to the room. Its open shelving allows you to show off your collectibles from figurines to stacks of books and more.

Wreath Hanger

Hang On

When you want to add a touch of romantic charm to a room that’s reminiscent of white glove garden parties and afternoon tea, look no further than a beautiful wreath hanger. Pick one with a distressed metal finish to contrast nicely with whatever kind of floral wreath the season calls for.

Kitchen Hooks

Stir Things Up

The kitchen offers its share of decorating opportunities. Hang a set of kitchen hooks to wrangle tea towels or stirring spoons. Pick one in a brushed metal finish to capture that industrial mood.

Towel Rack

Branch Out

A coat tree or towel rack goes from ordinary to extraordinary when you choose one in hammered metal with tree branch inspiration. What might have gone unnoticed before, now becomes a conversation starter when your guests hang their coat, or find a towel waiting for them at the ready.

What’s your vintage/industrial inspiration?

Share how you have added vintage or industrial style to your home décor in the comment section below.

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Where could I purchase the towel tree above?

Wow…These are beautiful ideas. I love the enchanting gates added to the bedroom for the bed decor & the happy pillow. So inspiring!

Thanks for commenting!

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