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Small Laundry Room Ideas

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Smart Solutions for Small Laundry Room Storage

Laundry rooms are rarely known for their expansive size. Quite to the contrary, they are usually tucked into a small space and demand creativity when it comes to storage solutions. Lucky for us, that when you’re ready to do a laundry makeover, there are plenty of small laundry room storage ideas ready to help you sort, dry, fold and iron with ease.

Go Mobile

When flexibility is important, wheels can make your storage go where you need it. Try a vintage, rolling laundry cart to add charm and practicality. Or a multi-bin rolling cabinet can wrangle all those essentials, like sewing kits, spot remover, iron, starch, dryer sheets, etc. The laundry room is often the place where household supplies are stored as well, so bins and baskets can keep everything from light bulbs to batteries all in one easy-to-find place.

Wall Accents

Add Personality

Even though your laundry room might not be the first place in your home that you think of to add décor, it is a perfect place to add wall accents that set a positive tone for the work at hand.  A chalkboard screen can keep everyone on top of household chores, whimsical quotes keep things lighthearted and a bright print or two can add a pop of color.

Fold-down Ironing Board

Perfectly Pressed

Keeping all your ironing supplies neatly stored can be a challenge. A fold-down ironing board or storage cabinet custom made to hold your ironing board is a wise choice when space is at a minimum. It keeps everything out of the way, then folds out when you’re ready to get things ironed out.

Laundry Room Cabinets

Put It Away

Laundry room cabinets can make it easy to keep the clutter at bay. Choose a set that offers versatility with handy hooks, moveable shelves and pull-out drawers so that you can choose what will work best for your family’s needs. When everything is tucked into its own space, your laundry room looks tidy and the small space is more liveable.

Laundry Hampers

Contain Yourself

Laundry organization takes on a stylish look when you utilize laundry hampers to your advantage. Grab a set and slide them neatly into cabinets or corners. Your laundry room will instantly feel more organized.

Wire Cubby Shelves

Get Wired

Today’s laundry rooms can take a cue from vintage and country inspiration when it comes to organization. Wire cubby shelves with hanging hooks provides individual places to wrangle every family member’s belongings, and the wire mesh keeps everything in view and easy to access. From cubbies to bins to carts and shelving, this look offers a distinctive solution for small laundry rooms.

Tackle the Next Room

Now that your laundry room is well organized, it’s time to shift your focus to another space in your home. Check out our Inspiring Room Ideas for tips, photos and plenty of ideas to get you started.

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