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Super Stylish Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Get Tips and Ideas to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized with These Storage Solutions

Home Storage Decorating Ideas for Every Room

It happens to all of us – too much stuff and not enough places to store it. And it can pose an especially big challenge when you’re limited by small spaces. Never fear, here we offer up storage solutions for every room in your home that are not only practical, but stylish as well.

Kitchen Organizers for Small Spaces

When space is at a premium, a rolling cart can be the way to move your necessities from one room to another. Kitchen carts can store necessities and then roll out to the deck to serve as a sideboard or prep area. Or roll them into the dining area to have serveware quick at hand. Free up cabinet space with the addition of a pot rack where you can hang pots and pans so that they are close at hand. Wall space is a key ingredient for maximizing storage space. Add a wall organizer or cubbies to hold decorative pieces.

Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms
Covington Space Saver

Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Extend your bathroom storage capabilities with ingenious storage that is specifically designed just for the tight knit spaces found in bathrooms. Instantly add shelves over the toilet bowl, or tucked inside the corner of your shower. Utilize wall space with open shelving that looks decorative while keeping things tidy. Wrangle all those bathroom essentials with an ingenious organizing unit near the mirror.



Small Space Storage Hacks
Barn Door Cabinet, Round Organizer

Small Space Storage Hacks

You only have so much footprint in your rooms, so be sure to utilize your space to your best advantage. Need storage in your kitchen nook? Add a small sideboard or decorative barn door-style cabinet (one of its best qualities is its ability hang on the wall or sit on the floor depending on your space). A handy storage basket or two looks perfect inside shelves and can be filled with all sorts of items that would otherwise make your space look cluttered.

Global Bench

Storage Furniture for Small Spaces

Let furniture work a little harder on your behalf. Opt for a handsome seagrass coffee table or handy storage ottoman to provide an attractive piece of furniture that adds ample storage space while still providing a place to serve snacks during movie night. Let a console table display your television while it hides all your remote controls, cords and technology.

Clever Storage Ideas for Kids Toys
Personalized Bench

Clever Storage Ideas for Kids Toys

When you have kids around the house, toys and children’s books can quickly take over any room. Give them a place all their own with multi-tiered storage baskets or a decorative set of chests. Toys can be brought out at a moment’s notice and tidied up just as quick.

Foyer Storage Ideas
Lancaster Hall Tree

Foyer Storage Ideas

The foyer marks the first stop when entering your home and often the first chance to stop clutter before it spreads throughout the house. A stylish coat tree catches coats, hats, and umbrellas. Or consider an entryway storage unit with bins for each family member to hold everything from sports equipment to shoes to backpacks. A pretty bench also makes a temporary landing spot for guests to drop bags as they arrive.

Home Office Shelving
Industrial Cabinets

Home Office Shelving

Your home office is likely to be the headquarters for a whole lot more than just your daily work. Mail, homework, recipes and stacks of reading material all land here. Divide and conquer with a multi-drawer cabinet or a pair of ladders shelves that fill hold books, file folders and small printers with decorative ease. Matching desktop accessories can help inspire everyday organization. A wall organizer makes quick work of organizing mail and everyday correspondence.

Cheval Jewelry Armoire

Organizers for Walls

When there really is no more places to put furniture or décor, look to your walls for possibilities. A wall-mounted jewelry organizer can put your jewelry at easy-to-access eye level, even when you don’t have room for a jewelry cabinet. Down in your laundry room, invest in a laundry organizer to tuck the ironing board and laundry necessities out of the way until you need them.

Time to Declutter

Half the battle is getting rid of all the stuff that you really don’t need or want. Do you really still want those old race T-shirts that you haven’t worn in over five years? Do you really need five pairs of scissors? And just because you attended that last conference for work, doesn’t mean you’re obligated to keep all those logo-emblazoned giveaways. Grant yourself permission to let some of that stuff go. Toss it or donate it to a local charity.

You’ll feel better right away.

Show Off Your Organizational Skills!

Share your before and after photos with us when you’ve used Country Door to organize your home. We love to see the unique ways that our customers have used Country Door décor to simplify their living spaces.


8 thoughts on “Super Stylish Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

  1. I love the decorating idles. I can always use some help with your great ideals. I’m looking forward to finding out more ways to decorating.Thank You

  2. I am very excited and I am really looking forward to finding out more about all new decorating ideal.

  3. Hello, My bathroom is very small and it is old fashion avocado green tile by the tube and gold and white cabinet/sink I would like to know the best colors to decorate with. Thank you so much for your help.

    the sad bathroom lady

    1. Hi Roxanne,
      I’m sure we can find a way to update your bathroom with a few color changes. If you’re looking to complement the avocado color of the tile, cornflower blue might be a good accent. You could also go for bright whites and soft creams and greys for a relaxed atmosphere. Some of my favorite Country Door bathroom looks are the Gypsy Shower Curtain and the Cable Weave Bathmat. Some tile can also be painted, so if you’re looking to do a little DIY, you may want to look into that process. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting 🙂
      -The Country Door Team

  4. Im looking for a small cabinet for in the kitchen. About 25w 35h10 or 12 deep. Preferable teal or red. Also need bar stools.

    1. Dorothy, thank you for your comment. At this time we do not have a cabinet that meets the exact specifications you’ve listed. However, we have a variety of sizes of cabinets in painted and distress finishes that may meet your needs.

      You can find the perfect wooden, modern, or swivell bar stools in different colors and heights on our website.

  5. Great decorating ideas! One product I’ve been wanting for a long time is the round organizer (for fruits and vegetables), but the price is so high that I just can’t afford it. I’m hoping it will be discounted one of these days, so that it is more affordable. I’ll keep watching.

  6. Great storage ideas for small spaces.Thanks for sharing this.

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