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Sweet Dreams: Guest Bedroom Décor Ideas

Sweet Dreams: Guest Bedroom Décor Ideas

Turn Up The Charm In Your Guest Room With These Bedroom Decor Ideas

It’s travel season, which means that you may find yourself playing host and opening your home to guests throughout the summer. Take some time to turn your guest room into a bed-and-breakfast worthy space that will delight your guests and add a special touch to their stay.

Make the Bed Beautifully

Your guest room is the place to indulge in truly luxurious bed linens. Start by adding an extra layer of comfort with a featherbed or foam mattress topper. Then choose extra-comfortable sheets that feature a high thread count. Layer a light blanket next, and finally, top with a gorgeous oversized quilt set in a beautiful pattern. Quilts are a perfect option because their weight is light, yet substantial, and their style always adds a welcoming touch. Last of all, don’t forget the pillows! Pile on plenty so your guest has options in style and softness.


Keep Décor Simple

Your guest room should not be a catch-all place for mismatched accent pieces or long-forgotten framed pictures. This should feel like its own special place. Consider your room’s theme and then let a few simple pieces carry it out. For instance, a lovely bedroom wall accent that suggests sweet dreams can be a perfect focal point.


Cover Up

Since guest rooms don’t get much everyday use, window coverings can easily get forgotten. Hang a pair of airy bedroom curtains that still let the light in, but add just enough coverage. Something light and neutral will compliment almost any decorative theme you decide on and offers the greatest versatility when you want to change things up.


Give Them Flowers

There’s just no denying that flowers makes everyone feel special. Whether you place a small bouquet on a bedside table, hang a lavender wreath on a window or place a few blooms along a wall shelf, this extra touch instantly makes your guest room feel inviting.


Bare Necessities

Every guest room needs a few bare necessities, like a clock and a set of towels. This is where you can up the luxury quotient. Choose a decorative tabletop clock instead of an electronic digital one. And when it comes to towels, only thick and luxurious ones will do for the guest room. Be sure to keep them just for guests!


Add Some Light

Don’t ask your guests to rely solely on an overhead light. Be sure to add a bedroom table lamp on the bedside table, or position a hanging lamp or floor lamp in a corner near a sitting area. This gives your guest options and provides a better chance to create ambiance in the room.


Mirror, Mirror

Imagine if you were staying in this room, what you would like to have handy? An accent mirror is one of those elements that really is a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have. Make it easy for guests to take a quick look at themselves in the morning. With so many interesting frames to choose from, it also becomes a charming accent piece that can complement your room’s theme

Shelf With Hooks

Get Comfortable

Make it easy for guests to get settled by adding a shelf with hooks to hang their sweater or jacket. Be sure to clear clutter off dresser tops and have drawers empty and ready for them to use. Clear a section of the closet so it is easy for them to hang their clothes and stash luggage out of the way.

The Little Things

A few little extras will make your guest feel pampered. Several bottles of water on the dresser, a handful of hotel-sized toiletries in the guest bathroom and a dish of candies on the night stand are just a few ways that you can make them feel like they are truly welcome and special.

Looking for more guest bedroom décor?

There are so many ideas and inspiration for bedding, furniture and accessories featured on our site. Start here to make your guest bedroom something worth visiting!

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  1. Love your list! The mirror was a touch missing from my list. Always make room in a spare closet too for your guests!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ken!

  2. Thank you for all your decorating tips! I LOVE Country Door!!

    1. So glad to hear you’re enjoying our blog, Ailene 🙂 Happy to have you as a customer!

  3. I just ordered and received the Sonya Quilt and shams. Love it. ❤️Also 2 of the aqua rattan twig garland. Beautifully 🌟

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