Wall Décor Ideas to Help Transform Your Room

Artwork does a beautiful job of adding personality and ambiance to your room. Once you’ve managed to choose the artwork you love, then knowing how to arrange it on your walls poses a whole other dilemma. Fear not! Our expert advice on the ins and outs of hanging art will make your home’s walls feel gallery-worthy in no time.

Aim for the Right Height

How high are you supposed to hang that big beautiful picture anyways? It can be easy to hang artwork too high. Remember to keep things eye level. When hanging art over your sofa, the center of the image should be at eye level, which is usually about one hand’s width above the sofa. When hanging a single piece of art on a wall without furniture beneath it, aim for eye level. A good rule of thumb is that the center of the picture should be about 60 inches off the ground.

Take It for a Test Drive

Save yourself the time and wall repair of rehanging, by tracing out your wall art on paper, then taping it to the wall with painter’s tape. Now you can try out different arrangements. Use your ruler and measuring tools to ensure everything is straight. Pencil marks provide a guide when you shift from planning to actually hanging the artwork.

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Mix It Up

Consider taking a gallery arrangement approach by gathering together more than just framed art. Contemplate wall sconces, a clock or an interesting wall plaque to place alongside framed art or photos. Lay them all out on the floor to determine what arrangement feels right to you. We suggest starting in the middle and working your way out. Be sure to give space between each item so that your wall doesn’t feel overcrowded.

Think Inside the Grid

When a distinct grid or pattern makes everything feel right for you, then a symmetrical arrangement may be just the ticket. Family photos look great when displayed this way. Keep all your photos in the same frames and stick to one or two matte colors. Make good use of your measuring tape and keep everything on a grid, rather than in a loose composition.

Watch Your Proportions

The wall space you have available makes all the difference in which wall accents you will hang there. Small spaces need proportionately small items, such as a stacked trio of small tiles. A large expanse of wall is an ideal place to go big with a single large piece or try an extensive arrangement of multiple items to fill the wall.

Get the Hang of It

Hanging art doesn’t mean that you have to stress about locating studs or installing heavy-duty drywall anchors. All you need are the right picture-hanging hooks for your artwork’s weight. Use at least two picture hooks per piece to ensure that it remains level over time. And make good use of a level and a ruler so that everything is nice and straight.

Eye Level

Resist the temptation to hang everything at the same height. Especially when you’re working with wall art of vastly different sizes. Instead, aim to keep the middle of the art at about the same level. This approach will keep a more natural flow from wall to wall.

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