Decorating Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Every year, you gotta love how out of the cold chill of winter pops the gorgeous blooms of spring. Wake up your home decor with your own dose of sunshine. For months now, you’ve been all about keeping things cozy and warm. With springtime’s shift in temperature, now you can be all about making everything bright and sunny.

Country Quilt

Instill the Power of the Flower

The first thing spring brings to mind is the power of the flower. Add blooms by way of country quilts, artwork or in vases throughout your home to pack a punch of seasonal color.

 Entryway Bench

Bring the Outside In

Decorate your interior with inspirations from your exterior. A tall topiary in the foyer, a set of wicker chairs in a sitting area or a park-inspired bench in an entryway all seem to beckon the beginning of spring inside.

Wall Decor

Change Your Walls

You may not be able to move your walls around, but you can give them new life with a fresh batch of wall decor. Add a collection of inspirational wall plaques, a pretty new mirror or a mounted canvas.

Window Curtains

Lighten Up

Winter color palettes are inherently dark, while spring reminds us to lighten up. Add light airy window curtains or a crisp white display cabinet to an otherwise plain corner, then fill it with your favorite pieces.

Contemporary Area Rug

Play with Patterns

While you’re changing things up for spring, try stepping out of your comfort zone by adding a new pattern to your home’s décor. Contemporary area rugs or a boldly striped pillow can add just the right touch.