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Add American Spirit To Your Home With Patriotic Decorations

Add American Spirit To Your Home With Patriotic Decorations

All American Red, White & Blue Patriotic Decorations For Your Home

Pledge your allegiance to all things red, white and blue while you gather friends and family for patriotic-themed gatherings filled with fun for everyone.

Patriotic Wreath

Show Your Colors

Lucky for us, there’s one thing that the combination of red, white and blue means – all American. And while flying old glory from your front porch is the first pre-requisite for your Fourth of July festivities, it only takes a little accessorizing to bring the celebration inside as well. Hang a patriotic wreath in your entryway. Toss throw pillows in USA colors across a sofa or chair.  Display patriotic birds on your dining room table.

Patriotic Decorations

Show Your Patriotism

Now’s the time to pull out those patriotic decorations and let them set the stage for your family gatherings. Whether it’s a whimsical Uncle Sam greeting guests on a foyer shelf or a bird house adorned with stars and stripes hanging from a nearby branch in the front yard, just one little accent can set the right mood.

Place Mats

Salute Your Table

Start with a solid white tablecloth, and then add place mats and napkins with stars and stripes that set the patriotic atmosphere. Serve up America’s favorites on red and white melamine dinnerware that’s affordable and perfect for backyard barbecues. Tie sparklers together with ribbons and place at every plate for a fun party favor that everyone can light up the night sky with later on.

Patriotic Bunting


Create Your Own Outdoor Display

Set flag-inspired pinwheels spinning along your front path, swag patriotic bunting across your porch or fill solid-colored red, white and blue flower buckets with blooms that explode with USA colors on their petals. You’re sure to get oohs and aahs. (Be sure to slip a handheld flag in each one too, then let the kids decorate their bikes with them later on for the neighborhood parade!)

Patriotic Décor

Share with us how you bring the patriotic spirit into your home. Comment below.

4 thoughts on “Add American Spirit To Your Home With Patriotic Decorations

  1. Could you please tell me where I can get burlap ribbon in those colors?

    1. Hi Leona,
      Not sure where you could find burlap in those colors, but here’s a link to buy that burlap wreath:
      Hope this helps!

  2. I can’t find the wreath on country door site???

    1. Hello Betty,

      Unfortunately, we no longer have that wreath in stock. However, check out our Americana decor that is available here:
      There are several Americana wreaths that are available. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

      Warmest Wishes,
      The Country Door Team

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