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Bring on the Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Family Friendly Backyard Fun

Bring on the summer fun with playful additions to make your outdoor time with family and friends a memorable one! Go beyond backyard basics with these whimsical ideas that will get everyone engaged in making the most of these long, glorious summer days.

Take Ten

What better way to enjoy a breezy summer afternoon then resting comfortably in a colorful hammock? You won’t have to escape all the way to a tropical beach to enjoy your own little piece of paradise!

Pedal Tractor

Wheel Deal

Whether the kids trick it out for a neighborhood parade or just want to climb aboard to plow up a good time around the neighborhood, a pedal tractor makes for a mighty fine way to stay mobile.

Grill and Smoker

Make Smoke Signals

Enjoy all the flavor from your favorite barbecue joint right in your own backyard with a grill smoker. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood while you slowly smoke meats and grill up all the fixin’s for a bodacious backyard feast.


Keep It Kid-Size

The younger set deserves their very own vacation retreat, and you can deliver with a playhouse right out of a storybook. Decorate with potted flowers and a welcome mat. You’ll always know where to find the kids this summer.

Snow Cone Maker Machine

Slush Fun

Skip the county fair and spin your own nostalgic fun with a snow cone maker machine. It’s a sure-fire hit at family gatherings and a must-have for every kid’s backyard soiree.

Party Tub Cooler

Chill Out

Before guests arrive at your next backyard gathering, fill a party tub cooler with a selection of beverages so that they’ll be chilled and ready for your guests to choose their favorites.


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