Your Favorite Home Storage Ideas

It seems to be unanimous. When home storage solutions also add stylish elements to your space, then they are considered a big winner and instantly become one of our favorite ways to wrangle all our stuff into some semblance of order. Step into the new year with a focus on bringing order while still complementing your room’s décor with these favorite small space home storage ideas.

Grayson Wall Shelf

Go High – Grayson Wall Shelf

When there isn’t much space left to use in your room’s footprint, then look to your walls to see where wall shelving can give you the storage options you need. Use shelving to showcase knick-knacks, hold baskets or stack books. And don’t think that a shelf has to be boring. There are so many interesting shelving options available that match all manner of décor. Think rustic charm, country elegance or shabby chic—there’s something for everyone.

Rustic Wall Cabinet

Pick Your Cabinet – Rustic Wall Cabinet

Just like shelving, wall cabinets make it easy to bring storage up to eye level and show off your favorite things. They serve as an interesting decorative accent to your wall space while providing a place for you to easily display collectibles.

Barrington Sideboard

Have It on the Side – Barrington Sideboard

Ah, the ever-capable sideboard. This handy storage piece with its long, thin dimensions seems to fit effortlessly in hallways, along the backs of sofas or in unused areas of your room. Use the top to display accent pieces, a small table lamp or décor. Plus this makes a great landing spot for mail, keys and such. Storage baskets keep items stowed and managed while keeping everything tidy.

Seagrass Coffee Table

Table It – Seagrass Coffee Table

Take a look at your room and see where you can incorporate pieces that serve double duty for your living room storage. Like a coffee table that features hidden storage. This is where you can stash throws, accent pillows, games, videos and just about anything that you want to have nearby, but can make the room feel cluttered when left out all the time.

Covington Space Saver

Make Space – Covington Space Saver

Bathrooms can be notoriously small, yet almost all of them have some form of unused space that can be used to your storage advantage. Add a bathroom space saver to add storage shelving over your toilet. You instantly gain the ability to store must-have items, like towels, soaps and little necessities.

Storage Bench

Stop Here First – Storage Bench

Once you put a storage bench in your entryway, you will never know what you did without one. It becomes the first stop everyone makes when they enter and the last stop before they leave, as the central hub for all kinds of outerwear, backpacks, sports equipment, purses and shoes. Best of all, it all stops there and doesn’t land everywhere else in the house. Think of it as a preemptive strike against clutter.

Looking for more storage solutions?

We have inspiration for storage ideas in every room of your home, from baker’s racks and kitchen carts to media stands and rolling shelves.