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White slipcovered chair and sofa, round rattan coffee table, sunflower wall canvas, sunflower pillows, and a table clock.

Country Cottage Decorating Ideas

White slipcovered chair and sofa, round rattan coffee table, sunflower wall canvas, sunflower pillows, and a table clock.

Follow These 5 Home Décor Ideas to Create a Cottage Feel

Dreaming of an escape to the country? Bring all the cozy welcoming elements of cottage living to your space and escape every day. Maybe it’s the comfy unpretentiousness. Maybe it’s because we instantly feel right at home. Whatever it is, it’s no wonder that country cottage style seems to be universally adored.

Regardless of your home design, you can make your living space a cottage home.

1. Stay in Neutral

A neutral color palette is a must. Keep the mix in whites, creams, and tans. Need a shot of color? A white couch slipcover looks great against a soft lavender wall. Add accents in floral tones, such as a sunflower yellow, periwinkle blue or mossy green.

Cottage home starts with a cottage kitchen For your country kitchen breakfast nook, add off-white or cream-colored stools. The same for the dining table and furniture. Look for white-painted wood furniture to give that farmhouse country living feel. If you are on a budget, don’t hesitate to check out your local flea market for good deals on authentic furniture that has had the “new” knocked off it!

Decorative Ceiling Light

2. Think Cottage Cozy

Thick quilts, plenty of pillows, and easygoing family-friendly slipcovers can bring country charm to a family room or guest room in an instant. Don’t forget cozy lighting too – light up the room with decorative lights and add candles to set the mood. But, use natural light if you have it.

Sunflower Wall Art

3. Add Rustic Elements

Country charm never feels stuffy or formal, so break out those rustic accent pieces like a metal stool as a bedside table, or hang iron lanterns in a corner. A distressed piece of wall art adds a nice finishing touch. You don’t need to be an interior designer to turn a bedroom into a small space into a cottage-themed room.

Living Room Table

4. Be a Natural

Choose accent pieces that have an organic appeal to keep the mood welcoming and relaxed. Use a warm, organic rattan coffee table in lieu of a traditional living room table. Throw thick, textured rugs throughout a room to encourage slippers and bare feet.

For the dining area, add a burlap table runner the length of the dinner table. Add an antique tin candle as a centerpiece.

 Decorative Throw Pillows

5. Enjoy Simple Treasures

Country charm usually shows off just a few simple cottage accent pieces. Pick a simple vase that holds only a sunflower or two, a lovely little table clock, or decorative throw pillows. Let your own unique personality guide you.

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Sunflower painting…do you know where I can get one?

The recipe at the beginning of this email has 2 extra ingredients Oil and tortillas that don’t belong on the Rasberry shortbread bars

Good catch, Arlene! We’re sorry those were mistakenly included in the recipe. We’ll make sure to double check those in the future. We appreciate you letting us know.
-The Country Door Team

So love the warm tones of your Country Cottage look! Cant wait to get my Sunflower Market Pic!!

Thanks for commenting, Donna! We hope you love it :)
-The Country Door Team


Absolutely adore the,”Country Cottage”,look

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