Add the Distinct Flavor of Country Home Decor to Your Kitchen

If ever there was a kitchen decorating style meant to feel more warm and welcoming, the country kitchen is it. As you embark on bringing this distinctive look to your kitchen, you need only aim at one thing: making everyone feel welcome, and even compelled, to come in and sit a spell. That is truly the hallmark of the unpretentious country kitchen.

Embrace Repurposed Style

Country kitchens that originated on true farms had unique accents in each one, much due to how they had to make do with whatever they had on hand. Look for items that give a nod to this element. Did that leaning wall shelf once have a life as a pantry door? Did that dairy bucket transform into a pretty flower vase? This eclectic charm really adds to that country kitchen look.


Kitchen Stools

Farmhouse Style

Country kitchens of yesteryear went hand in hand with the farmhouse outside. Bring a bit of that style inside with kitchen stools that boast tractor seats, or wall décor that reminds us of a simpler time. Look to butter churns, washboards and vintage wall signs for inspiration.

Wall Art

Rise and Shine

If there is one barnyard animal that seems to rule the country kitchen roost, it is undoubtedly the rooster. Rooster and chicken wall art is everywhere these days thanks to an increased interest in raising backyard chickens. Take advantage of this resurgence in popularity and add your own rooster to the flock.

Storage Bins

Store It

Get creative with how you store some of your kitchen staples. Use metal storage bins to show off fresh produce and colorful linens. It brings an open feel to the space while keeping everything in its own place.

Kitchen Accessories

Turn on the Charm

Kitchen accessories for your country kitchen should reflect a home-spun approach. Line up several embossed glass jars along a shelf ledge. Plant a mini windowsill herb garden in recycled jelly jars. Keep a vintage cookie jar filled with fresh baked cookies. Use an old-fashioned scale as a place to drop today’s mail.

Pancake Pan

Start Cookin’

The aroma of home cooking is one of the best kitchen accessories you could hope for. Whip up a batch of buttermilk pancakes in a quaint rooster-inspired pancake pan and you’ll have everyone running to the kitchen to dig in!

How did you decorate your country kitchen?

Share your tips for decorating in this welcoming style in the comments below.