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Create an Inviting Outdoor Living Retreat

Create an Inviting Outdoor Living Retreat

Tips and Ideas to Update Your Outdoor Living Space

Now that Mother Nature is cooperating, create a welcoming place outside on your deck, patio or terrace where you can spend time alone or with friends. Think of it as your new “great escape.”

Make It Yours

Envision your outdoor retreat. Is it filled with delicate scrolled ironwork outdoor patio furniture? Or does it harken back to a bygone era? Creating a welcoming outdoor space is your opportunity to make a brand new space all your own, so have some fun!


Tap Natural Resources

Outdoor accents with a shout-out to nature always fit in. Pile on throw pillows with botanical leafy prints and winged garden dwellers, or hang a floral wreath on an otherwise empty wall nearby.

Outdoor lighting

Light the Way

Outdoor lighting is the quickest way to make evenings on the patio an ambiance-filled affair. Place hurricane lanterns filled with candles on side tables, light pathways with garden-inspired globes and hang strings of light under umbrellas and along railings to create a sparkling wonderland once the sun goes down.


Add Vintage Appeal

Your outdoor décor will appreciate a twist on the classics. Lean an old-fashioned distressed wood door on one of your deck walls, or hang it so that it provides shade or a windbreak. Either way, it adds instant charm. Keep the retro vibe with an old-time wagon or a vintage bike filled with flowers.


Joy of Bird Watching

There’s something about the addition of a bird feeder that seems to instantly turn gardens into a paradise. Who can resist watching the antics of a chickadee? And attracting hummingbirds to your garden can brighten any day.

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  1. Can you buy the door

  2. Great and simple ideas. Basics always works.

  3. Where can I find the bird feeder shown above

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Unfortunately we don’t carry this particular bird feeder anymore. So sorry for the inconvenience.

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