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Our Team’s Fall Decor Favorites

Our Team’s Fall Decor Favorites

How Will You Use These Key Items In Your Home Interior Decorating This Fall?

Our staff has seen all the new fall decor and they can’t help but have their favorites. They share them with you here to provide some inspiration as you look to make updates and changes to your home décor this season.

Faux Stone Side Table


Faux Stone Side Table

This unique Faux Stone Side Table is far more than just a place to hold things. Its unique texture and three-legged construction practically puts it in the art category, as well as the side table category. This is s prime example of letting a small accessory add some star quality to any room.

Amplitude Glass Wood Table Lamp


Amplitude Glass & Wood Table Lamp

When wood, metal and light all come together, the result can be pure brilliance. This table lamp feels fresh and modern and uses architectural elements that make it a distinctive choice.

Gold Cook Letters


Gold Cook Letters

We all have that space above our kitchen cabinets, or a tall shelf that is just aching for a dose of personality. These letters do the trick perfectly.

Orange Bittersweet Bush


Orange Bittersweet Bush

When you want to add an element of fall foliage to your home but crave something a bit different than traditional mums and pumpkins, this natural faux twig bundle with realistic bittersweet color delivers. Plus, it transitions beautifully from fall into winter.

Lit Sunflowers & Foxtails

Lit Sunflowers and Foxtails

From the distressed milk can to the arrangement of sunflowers and foxtails, this floral arrangement just looks like the epitome of the season. The best part? Delicate little LED lights that give it a magical glow in the evening hours.

Set of Cotton Rope Baskets

Storage Baskets

Set of Cotton Rope Baskets

This stylish new take on storage baskets feels organic and natural, while adding a fabulous dose of texture. In the end, the practicality of these baskets is the biggest winning element of all.

Black Hinged Cabinet


Black Hinged Cabinet

This quaint little piece has a vintage medicine cabinet charm that you can’t help but love.  A glass door let’s you see bathroom essentials inside, while a set of cabinet doors below let’s you tuck away those things that you prefer to stay out of sight.

Black Lantern


Black Lantern With LED Lights

This charming lantern would make any lighthouse keeper proud with its classic metal styling and swinging handle. Today’s home decorators will appreciate its versatility to be lit with a delicate string of LED lights or a candle depending on the occasion.

Vote for Your Favorite!

Which one of our staff’s fall favorites is your favorite fall decor too? We know it’s not easy to pick. Vote below!

8 thoughts on “Our Team’s Fall Decor Favorites

  1. Hi, I’m actually trying to locate a picture of one of your beautiful quilts from last fall. It had primarily teal/jade & spice type coloring. The print was leaves. I don’t know the name of the quilt at all, sorry:( Does it sound familiar? Could you post a picture of it again or give me a link to look at past catalogs online? Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Shelley,
      Is this the quilt you’re looking for?
      Let us know if not and we can keep digging!

  2. I like #4 personally, because I am often ask to decorate for an event called Festival of Tables. It is held in the fall, so I am always looking for beautiful pieces. I was wondering how tall the arrangement is. The tables at our event are large round ones—usually dressed for 8 people with 120 inch table linens. Also, I decorate my home seasonally with arrangements. I have a certificate in floral design and love to create lovely vignettes.

    1. Hi Fran,
      The Orange Bittersweet Arrangement is 33 inches tall – Here’s a link to the product page if you would like see all of the details!

  3. Love, love, love the lit sunflowers and foxtails and the cotton rope baskets. The artist in me might add something to the milk jug. Can these be purchased?

    1. Hi PK,
      Yes, these items can be purchased. Here is the link to the Lit Sunflowers and Foxtails and here is the link to the Set of 3 Cotton Rope Baskets.
      Feel free to post a picture on our Facebook page if you do decide to purchase them – We’d love to see how you make them your own!

  4. I think these are such adorable ideas in decorating. The colors are great.

  5. The yellow shuttered console looks nice in a small space and it provides lots
    of storage.

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