Outdoor Decorations for Patios, Porches and Backyard Havens

Mother Nature does a grand job providing blooms and greenery, but there is always room for a little improvement with the addition of whimsical décor and inspiring garden accents. Make your outdoor retreat uniquely yours with just a few key pieces. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Just Add Water

The sound of water trickling through an outdoor fountain adds instant serenity to any backyard space. Add one or several to landscaping that flanks your patio area. Or place a bird bath amongst your garden’s blooms to entice area birds to stop by for a drink.

Outdoor Furniture

Take a Seat

There is nothing more inviting than finding a nice place to stop and contemplate nature’s beauty. Add a stone bench in the shade of a tree, toss a few outdoor seats in the grass or go all out with a set of outdoor furniture or a dining table that will host a crowd ready to sip lemonade and sit awhile.

Hummingbird Feeder

Watch Nature in Action

When it’s entertainment you seek, a hummingbird feeder can deliver hours of fast-moving bird watching. Hang one on your patio or in front of a picture window and fill with sugar water, then sit back and enjoy the comings and goings of nature’s smallest winged performers.

Outdoor Plaques and Signs

Share Inspiration

Your patio or deck area might not be the first place where you think about decorating the walls, but chances are there is some prime wall real estate that could benefit from outdoor plaques or inspirational signs. From garden-worthy proclamations to grow and thrive, to pretty prints of poppies to shabby chic screen doors, there are lots of creative options to add personality to your outdoor space.

Wind Chimes

Think Harmony

When the scent of your garden is in the air, the gently tinkle of wind chimes seems to make the perfect accompaniment. Hang them from your porch or within the branches of nearby trees. When you hang more than one, you can create your own backyard symphony!

Hanging Flower Baskets

Get the Hang of It

Don’t forget to add accent pieces above eye level. Hanging flower baskets filled with arrangements of your favorite blooms will add garden appeal and color while drawing the eye upward and opening up your patio or porch area.

Solar Lighting

Worship the Sun

Don’t stress about adding outdoor lighting, when you can use cord-free solar lighting that marries beauty and function in your outdoor decor. Lights power up all day under the sun. Then you enjoy them as they come on automatically at dusk and stay lit well into the evening hours to add ambiance and light a path for your guests.

Get Ready to Entertain Outdoors

Now that your garden is filled with the perfect décor, roundup some of your favorite summer salads and picnic-perfect dishes and get ready to entertain outside!