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Gardening for Small Spaces

Find Inspirational Tips For Gardening for Small Spaces

Find Inspiration In These Gardening for Small Spaces Ideas

You don’t have to have a sprawling yard to enjoy the beauty of a garden. Let these small gardens provide inspiration no matter what space you have available. Go ahead, channel your inner gardener and dig in the dirt!

Hanging Garden Ideas For Your Outdoor SpaceHanging Garden Ideas

When you don’t have any room in your footprint to add a garden, then it’s time to get the hang of it. Hanging baskets come in a variety of sizes and styles. Hang several in sunny windows throughout your home. Keep a hanging herb garden in the kitchen so it’s handy to snip a few herbs into your dinner’s entrée. Hanging glass terrariums can be visual masterpieces that are stunning to look at and serve double duty as an accent to your room.

Tips And Ideas For Your Patio Garden

Patio Gardens

No matter how big your patio may be, a raised planter box or two may be all you need to add the beauty of a seasonal garden to your outdoor space. Dedicate one container to a selection of lettuce and salad greens. Let flowers bloom in another one. The beauty of planter boxes allows you to satisfy whatever kind of garden just on a smaller scale.

Rooftop Garden Ideas

Rooftop Garden

If apartment living sends you to the roof for your gardening opportunity, then embrace this unique location. Choose hearty plants that can stand up to relentless sunlight, rain and winds. Solar garden décor adds a nice touch and with all the sun of a rooftop garden, is well-fueled to shine all evening long.


Small Space Vegetable Gardening

Even the smallest of spaces can produce a bounty of veggies, so if you yearn to add fresh ingredients right from your own garden to your table, then start with a raised garden bed and a patch of full sun. No room in the back yard for a garden? A container garden on the front porch may be your best option. Chose a mix of plants that tolerate sun and shade to give you more options. Ask your local garden store for advice on which plants make good garden mates. Group your containers in groups of three to create a homey, mini garden look. Dress up your porch garden with little seasonal accents like a whimsical solar snail, a new welcome mat or strategically placed a wind chime to bring music to your ears.

Consider Going Vertical With Your Garden If You Have A Small Space

Vertical Garden

If your patio, fence or back porch has more wall space than square footage, then consider going vertical with your gardening aspirations. Hang baskets on a wall, or transform an interesting piece of wall art, like a shutter or garden gate, and use it as a foundation to create pockets for small plants. Partner up a garden trellis with a garden container and choose plants that like to aim high, like climbing roses, ivy or hydrangea, then watch your garden reach for the sky. Add outdoor hanging lights for an ethereal effect.

A Window Garden Is The Perfect Place For Colorful Blooms

Window Garden

Whether you have a bay window that soaks up the sun like its own mini greenroom, or you just happen to have a spare window ledge that gets some good natural light, a window garden can provide the perfect locale to add greenery or blooms in an eclectic mix of garden pots or in a single long window box. Try a different approach and fill a window box with easy maintenance succulents for a gorgeous look.

Learn the Basics of Container Gardening

We’ve gathered some key pieces of advice that will get your container gardening started. Get your potting soil ready and get gardening!

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