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Home Decorating Ideas for Spring 2016

Home Decorating Ideas for Spring 2016

Time to Think About Decorating Ideas for Spring

Now that we’ve cleared the hurdle of the holiday season, it’s easy to begin thinking about the not-so-far-off spring season and how you might like to change up your home décor. We offer you a sneak peek at which trends are already warming up, so you will be in the know and can start to interpret these looks with what feels right for your own home.

Lighten the Mood

Depart from the heavier fabrics and darker colors that fit so perfectly during the winter months, and get ready to welcome spring with a fresh quilt in a lighter weight and fresh pattern. Choose one in a blue or purple watercolor floral that freshens up your bedroom and makes it feel ready for the sunny days of spring.

Modern Quilts

Mix Your Metals

Coppers, silvers, golds … the latest trend in mixing metals opens up the possibilities to add a new accent to your space. A modern quilt with medallions in rich colors brings an elegant feel to a bedroom. Try hanging silver tone finished wall art next to a vintage inspired brass lamp, and finish the room’s look with a golden framed mirror. Don’t worry about sticking with one metallic color in one space – this is your chance to mix them up in your very own way.

Jewel Tone Bedding

Royal Blush

Jewel tones are making a splash this spring and are an ideal color palette to transition from colder months to warmer temps. Embrace royal blues, ruby reds, vibrant emeralds and golden accents. From eye-catching quilts in a kaleidoscope of color to cozy duvet comforters, try out your favorite royal hues in your next bedding set.

dining room chair slipcovers

Slip Into Something Comfortable

Slipcovers are like decorating magic – transforming a room in an instant and allowing you to use your furniture in a whole new way. Add a brocade slipcover or a couch, or tie on dining room chair slipcovers to bring new life to your dining area or add a spring touch with a lovely new print. Get playful with your patterns this spring by mixing pretty florals with traditional stripes or even checkered patterns. There are many collections available that feature slipcovers, window treatments and pillows that make it easy to mix and match and look like a design pro at the same time.

Floral Area Rug

Go Natural

A nature inspired color palette allows you to layer on varying shades to create an interesting look. Wheat, cream and ivory all make it easy to show off creamy shades of terra-cotta or earthy greens.  Pair a wingback chair with a sweet little pedestal table for a reading nook. Let a large area rug pull your whole look together beautifully.

Do You Change Your Decor in the Springtime?

Share your home decorating ideas with us, and comment below. We would love your inspiration!


5 thoughts on “Home Decorating Ideas for Spring 2016

  1. gorgeous…..and now …thanks to Country Door….I HAVE SPRING FEVER…with a foot of snow or more…still on the ground….lol.

  2. Please mail us a new copy of Spring I I CATALOG. THANKS YOU SO MUCH

    1. Hi Lynne,
      You can request a catalog here – If you have trouble with the form, just email your information to and we can get you on the list for our next catalog!

  3. Love the first bedroom at the top of the page, with the lavender and green bedspread in what looks like a closed in sunporch with french doors. Don’t think that I would want to leave this room; it’s so inviting.

    1. Hi BJ,
      Thanks for commenting – We love that room as well. It certainly encompasses spring in our minds 🙂

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