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Kitchen Decorating Ideas


Cook Up Kitchen Decorating Magic

We often think a kitchen makeover requires big budgets and lots of time. But, you can actually make big changes with just a few simple, affordable additions in a snap. Consider how a pop of fresh color and a new approach to kitchen storage could add new life to this all-important space that is truly the heart of your home with these new kitchen decorating ideas.

Open Up

Open shelving looks fantastic in a kitchen since stacks of dishware, bowls and glasses look beautiful on display. Add a few baskets to wrangle the not-as-lovely stuff while still looking stylish. Pick what works best for your space: ladder-style wall shelving for a corner, wheeled shelves for flexibility, or a single decorative shelf with open cubby bins and hooks for hanging aprons and dish towels.

dinnerware and canisters

Contain Yourself

Kitchen canisters are a great way to add personality and color to your countertops or shelves. Pick a whimsical set featuring colorful roosters or an understated set with inspirational words. Not only are they decorative, they can keep ingredients handy that you use often- from flour and sugar to tea bags.

chair slipcovers

Cover Up

Your dining area can get its own little makeover with the simple addition of new slipcovers to the chairs. Have a few different sets on hand to change things up each season or when you’re having a special occasion.

Valance Window Treatments

Work the Windows

Every kitchen has a window or two. Look at these as your place to add color and style with a new window treatment. Valances are easy to add without covering up too much. Curtains frame things nicely and add movement and color to your space.

Large Area Rug

Be Floored

There’s often a big expanse of real estate in your kitchen down where your feet are where a rug could make a big impact. A large area rug can give the kitchen a whole new look, or a smaller accent rug near the sink or prep area can provide much-needed relief as you’re cooking or preparing meals.

What’s Your Next Room?

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6 thoughts on “Kitchen Decorating Ideas

  1. Love all of it !!! Country Door hits just the right spot for me. Love just about everything they do from the front door all the way through the house to the yard & porch. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration. Shellie Smith

  2. I love all of the colors in this kitchen! I had never thought about having both red and green in one room; do you think that’s too Christmas-esque? Then again, it looks like you’ve chosen a good shade of both of those colors. What do you think about doing a kitchen makeover and installing white cabinets?

  3. I love the barrels on the walls- That’s a brilliant idea!

  4. I love all your ideas, they are fantastic!!!

    1. Thanks for reading! Glad they’re helpful 🙂
      – The Country Door Team

  5. I absoliutely Love this catalog, the products are Awesome and I also love the Fast delivery service, great Customer Service and all the tips and home decorating ideas they have to offer! My home looks quaint, country, comfortable and “Fantastic!” All thanks to Country Doir and its products and Awesome tips! Thank You!

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