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Let Your Living Spaces Take A Cue From the Great Outdoors

Take Your Cue From the Great Outdoors

Look to Nature’s Beauty to Find Inspiration for Every Place in Your Home

Do you hear that? The great outdoors is calling, in all of its gorgeous splendor. Whether you’re making your outdoor living spaces more inviting or you’re bringing in the inspiration of the outdoors to your indoor living areas, we have just the ideas to get you started.

Create a New Entryway

Invite your guests into your outdoor retreat with a rustic trellis garden arbor. Morning glory’s and vining roses need only a little encouragement to wind their way along its rustic finish and create a magical doorway to your backyard.

Shooting Star Umbrella Lights

Glow With It

Mild summer nights beckon all of us to spend our evenings outside. Set the mood with fragrant candles placed inside Malibu candleholders. Hang decorative lanterns from hooks or drape a string of lights over your umbrella for a magical summertime effect.

Decorative Planter

Think Green

By now, everything is on its way to full blooming perfection. Invite nature up on your patio by filling multiple sizes of decorative planters with colorful blossoms and lush greenery and then placing next to seating areas or by your front entryway to welcome your guests.

Floral Prints

The Birds & The Bees

You haven’t seen any sign of them all winter long, so it’s no surprise that birds, bees, butterflies and botanical prints all serve as the perfect inspiration right now. Display a set of floral prints in your kitchen, slip colorful slipcovers over your dining-area chairs and let botanical prints grace your table runner or delicate dinnerware.

Lighted Fountain

Let It Flow

You don’t have to live next to a babbling brook to experience the tranquil sound of flowing water. Just add a beautiful outdoor water fountain to your backyard getaway and you have a lovely focal piece that is decorative while it sets a tranquil ambiance.

Share Your Ideas

How do you bring natural elements into your home décor? Comment below.

4 thoughts on “Let Your Living Spaces Take A Cue From the Great Outdoors

  1. Thanks for the information. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to change up my backyard by doing it a little bit differently. I’m going to follow your tip about looking into nature while deciding what I want my backyard to look like. Maybe I’ll look into some metal garden ornaments.

  2. Love shopping Country Door.

    1. We’re so glad, Karen! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!
      -The Country Door Team

  3. I love this company. Just wish they could ship a little faster.

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