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Most Memorable Summer Party

Most Memorable Summer Party

Summer Party Guide

Take the party outside! After all, the weather is perfect and you won’t even have to worry about sweeping your floors inside when your soiree starts al fresco.

Set the Stage

Set up a food and drink station. A studio hall console with shelving serves as the perfect sideboard. Set out silverware in a caddy so guests can serve themselves. Hang outdoor artwork over the console to help the patio feel more like a real room.

Decorative Coolers

Chill Out

Stop yourself from running in and out throughout your event by keeping decorative coolers filled with iced-down beverages outside. Guests can help themselves and you’ll be able to enjoy your gathering more. Be sure to put a pretty hand towel nearby to wipe bottles clear of ice and water.

Patio Umbrella

Start From The Top Down

When you’re ready to set your dining table, first, look up! Shade your guests from glaring sun with a patio umbrella in a pretty pattern and coordinating hue. Then, complement the look with matching pillows, chair cushions and table runners. Have a few different color combinations on hand, so that as your summer rolls along you can make every event uniquely decorated.

Solar Lanterns

Light The Way

When the sun sets and evening takes hold, the party doesn’t need to come to an end. Hang festive solar lanterns ahead of time so that your outdoor entertaining can transition beautifully into the later hours.

Peach Blueberry Pie Recipe

Let Them Eat Pie

Pie is the perfect make-ahead treat for an outdoor party. Delight guests with a fresh-made Peach Blueberry Pie or another flavor that is your personal favorite.

Your Next Event

We hope you use some of these ideas for your next event! In the comments below, share with us how you plan to create a memorable summer party.

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  1. I can’t find any results to serches like a tabletop VW van and several sculptures I tried to describe… your stuff but cannot find what I want from this pre-catalog items I spotted,

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Thanks for your comment – We’re sorry you’re having trouble searching on our website. Is this the van that you’re looking for?
      Happy to help you find the other items – If you type in the catalog item number, you should be able to find things (the number usually starts with an ‘N’ in the book).
      -The Country Door Team

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