Home Interior Design Ideas

Take a cue from days gone by with unique vintage-inspired additions and rustic home decor to update your space. It’s hard to resist all that charm and character that comes packaged in any vintage or rustic piece. Adding a bit of “yesterday” to your space today can be the very thing your home is craving.

Mix Old With New

You don’t have to do a complete retro makeover. Add just a few items, like clever wall art or wheelbarrow living room table, to contrast a more contemporary look and add the right amount of casual elegance.

Decorative Shutters

Make an Impression

Have a nice size wall space that is just screaming for something to fill it? Try a pair of matching decorative shutters with scrolled metal. They add a chic rustic flair while beautifully filling a substantial sized wall area.

Kitchen Cupboard

Vintage Charm

The addition of an distressed side table, a small kitchen cupboard or a storage tower to a breakfast nook or empty corner can provide vintage appeal to an otherwise unassuming space. A bonus – the extra storage will be priceless!

Medicine Cabinet

Laid-Back Country Style

Choose a distinctive medicine cabinet with shelves and a chicken wire front to store delicate bathroom necessities, like bath salts, lotions, decorative perfume bottles and jars of cotton balls.

Laundry Cart

Seek Inspiration

Look for pieces that give a shout out to yesteryear, like a console table atop a penny-farthing bicycle frame or a classic rolling laundry cart. Refresh your kitchen dining area with retro-styled chairs that sends everyone reminiscing about the old days.

Vintage Looks from Your Home

If you want to show off your vintage home decor, submit your photos and tips today.