Tips for Creating a Welcoming and Inviting Guest Room

Hosting guests is not part of your everyday routine, so we’ve compiled five steps that will have you prepped and ready for company, and make them feel at home away from home.

Clean Out the Closet

Guest room closets are notorious for being your go-to place for all those things that don’t belong anywhere else in the house. As far in advance as possible, use your guests’ impending arrival as your reason to clean and organize the closet and make room for your guests’ belongings.

Plump the Pillows

Everyone has their own favorite kind of pillow: from super soft to extra firm and everything in between. Add plenty of pillow choices to the bed in an array of complementary pillowcases and shams.

Pile on the Blankets

You don’t want your guest to spend their night wishing they knew where the extra blankets are stashed. Instead have plenty of extra covers on hand by adding a quilt to the foot of the bed and an extra throw over a nearby chair. Add a few heavier options in an easy-to-spot place in the closet.

Enhance With Extras

A selection of toiletries in the guest bath and a small bouquet of flowers on the bedside table are perfect little ways to make your guest feel right at home. A few chilled water bottles are nice too.

Add a Luggage Rack

A luggage rack keeps guests from guessing where to put their suitcase. Pick one that folds up for easy year-round storage.