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Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create a Resort-Style Escape

Barrington Quilt

Make Your Bedroom A Luxurious Getaway

You don’t have to book a ticket to a far-away resort to make your escape. Just turn your bedroom into your own private luxurious getaway with these bedroom decorating ideas.

Colorful Paradise

Completely transform the look and mood of your room by swapping out bed coverings. Count on a garden-inspired quilt to make your bedroom feel like it’s right out of a bed and breakfast retreat.

Seaside Fresh

Be sure to satisfy all the senses by filling the room with the delightful scent of blooming flowers or the ocean breeze thanks to scented, flameless candles.

Natural Beauty

Add an inspirational piece of wall art or a blooming garden wreath to bring new life to your walls.

Delightful Blooms

Pick a few blooms from the garden and place them in a vase along a window ledge or on your nightstand.

Practically Stylish

Clear away clutter and create an artful display at the same time with a corner desk in an otherwise unused corner of your room.

Share Your Ideas

How do you plan to make your bedroom into a luxurious getaway? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments.


Barrington Quilt
Barrington Quilt
Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Egyptian Cotton Sheets
True Friends Figurines
True Friends Figurines
Songbird Lamp
Songbird Lamp







Set of 3 Scented, Flameless Candles
Flameless Candles
Corner Desk
Bayside Corner Desk
Set of 3 Vases
Set of 3 Vases
Summer Garden Wreath
Summer Garden Wreath

3 thoughts on “Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create a Resort-Style Escape

  1. Love the garden inspired quilt- The UK isn’t exactly known for its tropical weather which is why little things like these can actually really bring a colorful and warm spirit into the home!

  2. Could you please send me a catalog. It’s just too small to see on my phone
    Thank you

    Connie Marsh

    1. Hi Connie,
      You can request a catalog here:
      It may take a few weeks to arrive.
      -The Country Door Team

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