Springtime is Just a Breath of Fresh Air Away

Close your eyes and be inspired by thoughts of the season with all of its soft colors, subtle textures and inviting cozy styles. Here we offer a few ways to introduce Mother Nature’s next big event into your home.


The bedroom is an easy place to refresh and recharge with the simple change-out of your bedding set. Start by selecting soothing pastels, then look for delicate textures, like pin-tucked pleats or gracefully embroidered edges that create softness and dimension. Add layers of white, from soft ivory to crisp linen, in sheet sets, comforters, pillows, throws and picture frames, to wake up a room and add a glowing lightness.

window curtains


While winter may have called for rich, deep colors and heavy textures, spring lightens things up. Visit every room to see where you could invite a little springtime inside. Is it the sheer airiness of a wispy set of lace window curtains? A subtle pairing of sherbet-inspired pillows? A delicate voile quilt tossed across the foot of your bed? Or perhaps, don an apron with pretty polka dots while cooking up your next branch of cookies.

decorative wreat


Revitalize any shelf when you place urns or vases of varied sizes and fill them with sprigs of fresh herbs or the latest-in-season blooms. Turn an unused pitcher in your cabinet into a vase, fill it with a vibrant bouquet of daises and instantly add life to any corner of your home. Turn your front door into an enchanted garden with a decorative wreath.


Nothing says springtime like bringing the outside indoors with decorative accessories. The simple addition of a bird figurine, a wildflower-spun wreath, or a garden gate-inspired wall art can remind us of the joys of the garden while getting us prepared for the pleasant weather ahead.