Try this recipe for kitchen decorating success: A dash of practical, a pinch of storage and a cup full of originality. Be inspired to cook up a dream kitchen.

Kitchen Decorating With Copper Accents

Copper Kitchen Accents Bring New Life to Your Kitchen
Want a new look for your kitchen, but not in the position of completing an all-out remodel? Decorating with copper accents may be all that your kitchen needs to give it a facelift and breathe new life into it. Copper is one of those metallics that complement other metals beautifully, including your stainless steel appliances, while adding warmth and a distinctive beauty throughout your kitchen.

Copper Kitchenware
The advantage […]

Decorating Ideas to Create a Cozy Country Kitchen

Country-Themed Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You
It’s the very heart of your home. The place where everyone gathers to eat, socialize and celebrate, and yet all too often, it’s the last place we think about decorating. Use these decorating ideas to create a welcoming country kitchen.
Country Kitchen Paint Colors
A country kitchen color palette can be found on walls, kitchen cabinets, storage shelves and more. Look to this core set of colors to get started: milky whites, […]

Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Update the Heart of Your Home

There’s a reason why every party seems to end up in the kitchen – it’s where we gather for cooking, eating and connecting. It truly is the very heart of every home, so whether you are poised to renovate, redecorate or are looking to do a simple update, be sure to consider all the ways you live and use the space when looking at kitchen decorating ideas.
Escape the Cabinet
Explore open kitchen shelving, rather than keeping […]