Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your master bedroom is where you go to escape, relax and revitalize from your busy days. Yet often, it’s the room we forget to pay much attention since it’s the room that guests don’t spend time. Take a look at these inspiring bedroom decorating ideas and discover how you can give your bedroom a vibrant new look with a few simple changes.

Update Bedding

A new bedding set instantly gives your bedroom new life. Choose an updated color palette with jewel tones and a play on patterns and textures. Layer a quilt over a duvet and add a scattering of shams.

accent lighting

Improve Your Lighting

Mix accent lighting with general lighting to create ambiance. A chic table lamp adds both style and the perfect reading light. Add a dimmer switch to overhead lighting so you can adjust it based on your mood.

decorative accessories

Show Off Personal Style

Your bedroom should be a reflection of your personal style. Choose decorative accessories that provide positivity, like a distinctive set of shelves, an inspirational angel or a trip of floral prints.

decorative candles

Find Illumination

Candlelight always seems to be appropriate to set a tranquil mood in a bedroom retreat. Fill a set of candleholders with tea lights and place on a window ledge, bedside table or mantel.

luxury bedding

Invite Romance

Depart from your usual decorating style when it comes to your bedroom. In fact, give in to the romantic look of crocheted coverlets and shams in creamy shades of white and filmy soft drapes.

Invite Us In!

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