These Pattern Mixing Tips Make it Easy to Give Your Home an Effortlessly Stylish Look

Sometimes picking out just the right patterns for your room can be a bit intimidating. Have no fear. Our interior design experts offer seven pattern mixing tips and tricks on how to mix fabric patterns in a room to complement your look and bring the whole room together.

Three Is the Magic Number

Interior designers often use the pattern mixing rule of three. There’s something about trios that just work perfectly together. Consider three different sizes of patterns all in the same core color range: a bold statement-making one that grabs the spotlight, one that finds some middle ground in terms of scale and proportion. And last of all, go the next size down in scale.

Mix It Up

Now that you have a general guide about the proportional size of the patterns, you can play with different kinds of patterns. Solids, florals, checks, plaids, stripes, geometrics, paisleys … the possibilities are endless. Don’t choose the same pattern style in multiple scales (like all florals). In fact, when you contrast patterns, it adds interest to the room. Try mixing florals patterns with plaids and stripes. Just be sure to keep the weight of the pattern consistent among them all, so that one isn’t too overpowering. Balance is key.

Keep It Steady

Stray away from mixing color intensity. For instance, don’t mix pastels with bold primary colors. A variety of patterns will all seem to mix and mingle like pros when they are living in the same color intensity and palette.

Test Your Energy Level

How do you want your room to feel? Busy patterns will rev up the energy quotient in a room, while simple, toned-down patterns will enhance a room aimed at being calm and serene. Take a look at your family room furniture and see how a mix of patterned pillows could add interest to the space and give it a whole new look. Also be sure to see how your room’s accent mirrors reflect the patterns and colors you choose. Does it add an additional element of pattern to the space in a good way?

Don’t Mix Your Whites

Varying shades of white are surprisingly difficult to mix and match. Think about all those delicate shades from cream, ivory and bone to off-white and optic white. The spectrum is much wider than you think. When whites don’t match, the fabric stands out in an unflattering way, so keep to a multi-hued palette, when possible.

Layer Up

When you want to update by adding a whole new pattern to your room, sofa or chair slipcovers can deliver. Plus, if you’re a little hesitant to try patterned upholstered furniture, this is an affordable way to test it out and see if you like it.

Mix Patterns Like a Pro

Are you ready to start mixing patterns to create a whole new look for your home? Click on the images to discover more details about these decorative accents and make this living room yours.