A tall white Victorian-look display cabinet with two glass doors and a bottom drawer, filled with floral dinnerware.

Display Cabinets Are Perfect For Showing Off Treasures

Surround yourself with all the things you love. A display cabinet is great to showcase your favorite artwork and valuables. Framed photos, crystal vases, treasured keepsakes and collectibles can easily be changed seasonally or added to throughout the year and safely out of reach.

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A scrolled weathered-look metal table lamp with a lit beige shade, next to a lavender glass vase of wildflowers.

Task Lighting Shines a Shadow-Free Light

Not only are lamps essential to a well-lit room, but they also make it easier to see while performing tasks. Task lighting is meant to illuminate your workspace and not the entire room. Table lamps give you shadow-free light for common tasks like reading, playing games, or making crafts. For comfort, place a table lamp […]

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A white two-story house decorated for Christmas at dusk, including garlands, a wreath, lights, and outdoor decor.

Congrats to Our 2013 Holiday Décor Sweepstakes Winner

The Country Door Team traveled to Ohio for the 2013 Holiday Decor Sweepstakes Winner! Country Door product transformed their Front Porch, Living Room and Dining Room. See the winners’ reactions as they walk through their newly decorated home. Watch the Transformation BEFORE OUR COUNTRY DOOR TEAM HARD AT WORK AFTER Congrats again to our 2013 […]

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A lit, small black electric fireplace in a rustic wood stove shape, placed on a wood floor.

Electric Fireplaces Bring a Striking Focal Point in Any Room

When there’s a chill in the air, nothing beats the down-home warmth of a blazing fireplace. Whether you choose a wall mounted, electric fireplace insert or a cozy freestanding floor model, electric fireplaces bring warmth and ambiance to spaces where a real fireplace may not be possible or practical. Decorate the area around the electric fireplace […]

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A brown nailhead recliner by a wood armoire, two rustic side tables, a sunflower area rug, and teal walls.

Big Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces

Answers to Your Small Space Decorating Dilemmas Don’t let a room’s small size hinder your decorating efforts. First look at all the ways that you can give the appearance of a bigger room, and then choose your accents wisely. Before you know it, your small space will make a big impression. Keep Things Versatile The […]

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Loveseat in a beige brocade slipcover, a seagrass storage coffee table, two red scroll wall gates, and Scotty dog pillows.

Home Lighting Ideas to Create a Welcoming Glow

Room Lighting Basics Home lighting doesn’t begin and end at the wall light switch. In fact, that’s only the beginning. Be sure to incorporate all kinds of room lighting into every room of your home, from ambient lighting to accent lighting to task lighting to be sure to make the most of this illuminating decorating […]

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An eight-paned wood framed mirror with a top arch placed on weathered paneling.

How to Clean Mirrors

There’s nothing more frustrating than cloudy streak-ridden mirrors, especially after you’ve just cleaned them. Don’t worry; learn how to clean mirrors with these tips and solutions. Use a spray cleaner that evaporates quickly and never spray the mirror itself with the cleaner. Instead, spray a clean, lint-free cloth and wipe down the mirror. To avoid streaks, dry the […]

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