Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Update the Heart of Your Home

Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Update the Heart of Your Home

There’s a reason why every party seems to end up in the kitchen – it’s where we gather for cooking, eating and connecting. It truly is the very heart of every home, so whether you are poised to renovate, redecorate or are looking to do a simple update, be sure to consider all the ways […]

how to clean mirrors

How to Clean Mirrors

There’s nothing more frustrating than cloudy streak-ridden mirrors, especially after you’ve just cleaned them. Don’t worry; learn how to clean mirrors with these tips and solutions. Use a spray cleaner that evaporates quickly and never spray the mirror itself with the cleaner. Instead, spray a clean, lint-free cloth and wipe down the mirror. To avoid streaks, dry the […]

garden inspiried quilt

Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create a Cozy & Stylish Space

A bedroom becomes a sanctuary the instant you enter it, especially when you let a big cozy quilt play the starring role alongside nature-inspired accents. Here are some inspiring bedroom decorating ideas to create a relaxing space. Floral Bedroom Welcome the season with a gorgeous garden inspired quilt. An array of fresh florals in a […]

Window Treatment Ideas to Make a Room Look Bigger

Window light can make a room appear larger. Here are two window treatment ideas to use natural lighting and to enlarge a smaller room. Make a small window look bigger by surrounding it with gathered tiebacks or flowing curtains that hang outside the frame. Raise the apparent height of a ceiling by mounting your curtain rod […]